Our range of Sterling OSB board products are third grade OSB board, which is suitable for load bearing uses even in humid and damp conditions.

What is OSB Board

OSB stands for Oriented Strand Board and is also known by the name Sterling Board or Aspenite. OSB is an alternative for plywood and can be used for many projects.

There are several grades of OSB and they are suitable for different things.

  • OSB2 is for use in dry conditions for structural work
  • OSB3 can take more humid or damp conditions when used for load bearing

So if there is any doubt of the conditions your OSB is to be used in, go for the water-resistant type to be on the safe side. OSB is made in a similar way to plywood. This is made by mixing small stands of wood with adhesives. The wood is then compressed before it dries out, which results in a strong, robust and firm panel of wood.

Why Should you Choose OSB Board?

OSB board, or Sterling board, is made from a mixture of small wood strands that is combined with adhesives and then compressed before drying. This creates a form of wood sheeting that is strong and rigid.

Indeed, OSB board is stronger and more rigid than plywood. Due to their manufacturing process there are no internal gaps or pockets in OSB board. This means they can tolerate damp and humid conditions without losing their load bearing properties.

In jobs that demand an impermeable material OSB board should be combined with a tarpaulin or other waterproof layer or treatment. This also means that OSB board is uniform and consistent across the sheet. So OSB board can be sawed to whatever size or shape you need and the edge of the resulting sheet will not be weakened as a result.

You can drill into, and hammer nails into, OSB board without risk of the board splitting even when the screw or nail is close to the edge of the OSB board sheet.

The use of small wood strands in the manufacture of OSB board gives it a rougher, textured surface compared with some other types of wood sheeting.

This means that it is less slippery and safer for use where you are laying wood sheeting in places. Such as on such as roof decking or loft flooring. The textured surface also means that you can plaster onto OSB board to create a smooth, level surface for internal walls.

Alternatively, the uniformity of OSB board as well as across its surface means that it can be sanded to create a smooth surface. This can be done without weakening it or reducing its load bearing strength.

Where Should you Use OSB Board?

OSB board is the product of choice in the construction industry in approximately over two thirds of the jobs where wood sheeting is needed. So OSB board is the preferred type of wood sheeting when someone is laying sheathing on walls, flooring, and in decking in roofs and lofts.

It can also be suitable for smaller jobs, such as shelving, furniture, or in outhouses such as garden sheds. This is because OSB board can be used externally as well as internally. Its versatility makes OSB board a great choice for the DIY enthusiast. It's also great for the building professional wherever you might need wood sheeting.

Our Range of OSB Board

Our range of Sterling OSB board products are third grade OSB board, which is suitable for load bearing uses even in humid and damp conditions.

We offer OSB board in three thicknesses, 9mm, 11mm, and 18mm, so we have products suitable for all kinds of wood sheeting jobs. All of our products are approved by the British Board of Agrément, the UK’s leading certification body for the construction industry.

Our OSB board range is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to ensure it is eco-friendly. This is a feature of OSB board generally as its manufacturing process means that it helps to avoid the wastage of wood.

All of our OSB board products are available at affordable, great value prices. So whatever your wood sheeting task, and whatever your budget you will find the right OSB board in our quality range.

OSB board is currently one of the most popular types of wood sheeting in the construction industry. The way OSB board is manufactured gives it properties that mean it is versatile and consistent. And it’s because of this that OSB board has become the wood sheeting product of choice for much of the construction trade, and also in DIY.

Our range of OSB board offers OSB board products in a variety of thicknesses, and all at great value prices. So you will find the OSB board product suitable for your wood sheeting job no matter your budget.

As OSB sheets are made this way the wood is durable and will contain no knot holes or other natural markings which makes them easier to use with no wastage. OSB sheets can be used for exactly the same purposes as plywood. OSB is actually much stronger than plywood and is far more economical to purchase.

OSB sheets are ideal for

  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Hoardings
  • Garden sheds
  • Shelving
  • Loft boarding

OSB can be drilled into and sawn, you can also sand and paint OSB sheets to match existing boards.

OSB sheets can even be plastered over and then painted for a really good finish. So making them usable for partition walling or internal walls in an extension.

As OSB sheets are so robust you can drive a nail or screw safely into them very near to the edges with no risk of splitting or ruining the strength of the board. All OSB sheets from Building supplies online are responsibly sourced and FSC certified.

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