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Roof Ventilation is an essential agent for preventing condensation from causing any damage to roofs.

Having a good ventilation system on your roof is a crucial factor. Without roof ventilation, warm air cannot escape causing a build-up of condensation.

Everyday activities such as bathing, showering, drying washing, boiling kettles and cooking all produce warm air. The warm air needs to be able to escape through windows or roof vents. If a home does not have effective roof ventilation the condensation that forms from the warm air will have a huge impact on the mechanical structure of a building and the health of people living in the building.

Condensation can cause huge, costly problems such as dampness, mould, and rot. Avoiding these problems by installing roof ventilation will preserve the structure of the building and ensure a longer building life. Ventilated homes are healthier homes that have clean air and higher energy efficiency. As building regulations become stricter and climate change becomes worse, having an energy efficient home is a must. Not only does it save you money but increases the value of your home as more people seek eco-friendly lifestyles.

Here at Building Supplies Online, we have a huge range of ventilation solutions to help you avoid condensation issues and unnecessary future costs. Our range includes roof vents. No matter what shape or size your roof is you will be able to find the perfect roof vent.

Choosing The Right Roof Vent For You 

Choosing the right roof ventilation depends on personal preferences and your style of roof. Below are some pointers to help you decide on your roof vent.

Roof Vents are discreet and easy to incorporate into your roofing. Available in a huge selection of shapes, sizes, and colours from market leaders Manthorpe, Hambleside Danelaw, Ubbink, Harcon and Klober, roof tile vents  can reconcile with the aesthetics of your roof. Whether you have a red concrete tiled roof or a slate roof you will be able to choose a tile vent or slate vent that blends beautifully. Roofing is a very important part of any building and can be seen by everyone, so it is beneficial to have a roof vents that is pleasing to the eye. Roof tile vents provide you with both practicality and innovative design within your home.

Fascia and Soffit vents are a versatile ventilation system that can be fitted to any type of architectural building, old or new. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, fascia vents and soffit vents are undetectable once installed. Fascia Vents and Soffit Vents create a balanced air flow within a roof so the warm, stale air can be swapped for cool fresh air. Fascia vents, Circular Soffit Vents, and a Continuous Soffit Vent are all compatible with different parts of the roof so when all used in conjunction create a great ventilation system.

Ventilation packs consist of everything you need to complete a ridge vent, hip vent or eaves vent. Known for being one of the most durable roof ventilation methods, dry vent ridge & hip systems are vents disguised within ridge and hip tiles. Pitched roofs are not complete without ridge or hip tiles and having ventilation within a ridge and hip tile is an ingenious design that saves you money and time. Eaves vent packs are equipped with everything needed to install an eaves vent. Eaves vent are designed to clear a gap between insulation and the wall so air can travel throughout the roof. 

Extraction vents are cheap and simple but have extensive positive effects on your home environment. Extractor vents are installed either through the wall or under the floor and allow ventilation to reach an insulated area. At Building Supplies Online we have a selection of extraction vents including core ventilators, underfloor vents and air bricks, all serving different purposes that can accompany to all ventilation needs.

Vent trays are a multi-use tool that is definitely worth the investment. Vent trays prevent loft insulation from being pushed into the underside of roofing lay while maintaining a clear path for ventilation. Choose from either a Roll out Panel Vent Tray, Rigid Panel Vent Tray or Refurbishment Panel Vent Tray to provide a constant airflow through your attic. Roll Out Panel Vent Trays or Rafters are the full length of the eaves and are nailed into place. Rigid Panel Vent Trays or Eaves Panels are situated between rafters and are commonly fitted with flyscreens to prevent insect infestation.

Ductwork is a massively beneficial method of ventilation. Designed by leaders of innovation, Lindab and Ubbink offer you the topmost quality duct work that is assured to ventilate your home to the highest possible standard. Ductwork eliminates energy-wasting issues such as pressure loss and air leakage and guarantees an even distribution of air. Therefore avoiding condensation issues and creating a healthy environment to live in.

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