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Ducting is a air ventilation system that channels cool or hot air to a specific location. At Building Supplies Online we have all you need for a ducting system. 

Ductwork comprises a series of tubes around a building that can carry hot or cold air to specific locations. Ductwork is also used for ventilation to improve the quality of the airflow in a room. A Duct can be made from a variety of materials, depending on construction requirements: galvanised steel, aluminium, fibreglass and even fabric are standard Duct components. The most common Duct type is a steel Duct, as the metal is not susceptible to rust and you don’t need to paint it after installation. Aluminium is a lightweight alternative that can easily be made into custom Duct shapes, meaning that it is also a popular choice for Ductwork.

Our range includes Duct accessories from quality construction companies Lindab and Ubbink, so we guarantee you’ll find products you can trust. We have stock that can cater for all your Ductwork needs, encompassing everything from Duct sections to ventilation valves and connectors. Insulated ducting is achieved by placing fibreglass panels inside, and is also available here in many forms if required – this can be necessary to control the temperature of the transported air and often provides sound insulation as well as thermal. The large selection of sizes and variations we offer makes it easy to get the right Ductwork for your individual needs.

The description for each product states important information such as exact specifications, minimum/maximum installation temperatures and materials used. It will also include any additional details relating to the particular Duct usage and applications. We recommend that you read this part thoroughly before purchase, as it contains everything that is useful to know about the product. Ductwork can be complex in terms of layout and component parts, which is why we do our best to simplify the process and make it as accessible as possible to our customers.

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