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Fence Paint

Garden Fence Paint is ideal to protect and preserve your external timber and helps to extend its lifespan by preventing it from rotting.

Why Fence Paint?

A coat of fence paint can help give a new garden fence a great finish to achieve the look you want for your garden. It can help refresh your existing fence if it is looking aged from exposure to the weather. Our range is from Cromer. They are a trusted brand for fence paint, wood preservative, and other wood products. Our products will not only give your fence a smart look but will also help to protect your fence from weathering, rot, and wood parasites.

Our range of Cromer Fence Paint includes products in a range of volumes and a range of pack sizes, and at great value prices. So whether you are a professional, or a DIY and gardening enthusiast, we can supply what you need for your job.

Our Range

Our selection of fences from Forest, one of the UK’s leading specialists in a range of garden products, are supplied in a natural timber finish. We have Cromer paint in a selection of natural colours. These include;

  • Rich mahogany
  • Light brown
  • Dark brown
  • Red cedar

We also have clear paint to preserve the natural colour of your fence. This helps to revive the finish if it is looking tired from weathering. For those who want the classic working garden look we have green options too!.

Choosing your Fence Paint

The Cromer solvent base is suitable for use on all of your external wood. So you can use this on your;

This will help you achieve a consistent, and attractive, look across all of your garden timber products.

As it is solvent based it offers greater penetration into the wood than a water base. It provides greater water repellency, and greater protection against weathering and rot. If you use a solvent base there is no need to add a primer layer before painting, and no need for varnishing or overpainting afterwards.

If you want a heavy duty option for timber that's exposed to severe weather our range includes Cromer creotreat. Cromer creotreat is petroleum based. It's safe to use on external wood unlike the traditional creosote. It provides water repellency and weather resistance.

You can apply this to your timber and be confident it will withstand weather without the need for regular maintenance. Available in black and dark brown the Cromer creotreat will also give your external wood a smart look that many find attractive.

Our fence paint is available in a range of volumes. These include 5 litre cans and 25 litre cans, and in packs of four cans for those who need a greater volume for their job. We can supply the DIY and garden enthusiast looking to refresh the look of their own garden external timber. As well as the professional builder, gardener, and landscaper who needs paint everyday as an important tool for their work.

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