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Wood Preservatives

When working with wood, all measures need to be ensured to protect the wood so it last as long as possible. If wood is untreated a variety of different factors can damage the wood.

Our Range of Wood Preservatives

On the Building Supplies Online website, we have a range of varying wood preservatives including wood oil, wood paint, wood stain, wood preservers, wood filler, paint stripper, furniture restoration, wood treatment, pump sprayer, deck cleaner and furniture cleaner.

There are hundreds of different wood preservative product for you to choose from. Our range rivals any other building website or store. All these products have a part to play in maintaining and enhancing your wooden products.

Why use Wood Preservatives

  • If wood gets wet, the presence of oxygen and water has a very detrimental effect on the wooden object. Wood preservatives reduce the risk of wood getting wet, which can lead to rotting wood.
  • When wood rots, the integrity of the purpose made by the wood can come into question and therefore may have to be thrown out. Wood preservatives bind to the wood and act as a barrier to fungi or termites.
  • Fungi and termites consume the wood and make the structure of it weak. As well as this, the presence of these in your home can be very unhygienic and lead to future health problems. It's not just about prevention; however, wood preservatives such as cleaner and spray will serve to clean any dirty wooden objects, making them look brand new and more modern.

Using Wood Preservatives

As well as this, wood preservatives such as wood treatment can be used on already rotten wood and used as protection from further rotting. This will slow down the process and allow you to keep using the wooden object for years to come.

  • All of the wood preservative products are easy to use and only need one coat in most cases.
  • This means that the wood preservatives used will last you for years to come. In some instances, wood preservatives with one coat can last an incredible five years!
  • All our wood preservatives are long-lasting and will rejuvenate any wooden furniture.
  • Often, it's garden furniture which is the victim of damage caused by rot. This is because the furniture is exposed to outside elements.
  • The garden can be a place for rest, relaxation and socialising. So it is essential to keep wooden furniture clean and working. So with our extensive range of wood preservatives, you’ll be able to enjoy those summer days and nights to the fullest. Or, if you are trying to impress loved ones or a special someone, but your furniture looks dull, we have a range of wood preservatives that will help.
  • For example, on the Building Supplies Online website, we have decking and furniture restorers which will help your garden furniture look like brand new! Cheaper than buying new furniture and therefore saving you a lot of effort and money.

Choosing your Wood Preservatives

Our range of wood preservatives are extensive and all competitively priced. We only stock reliable and well-known brands, so it gives you the confidence that the wood preservative you are buying is of the highest quality. Wood preservative prices range and can suit a wide range of different budgets. No matter what the price though, you are sure to gain excellent value for money!

Delivery of these items is usually 1 to 2 working days, so if you need these wood preservatives in a hurry, there is no need to worry. You can order these products online at the Building Supplies Online website (https://www.building-supplies-online.co.uk/outdoor-and-garden/wood-preservatives.html), or you can order over the phone using the number 01295 235536 between 8 am and 10 pm. 

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Wood Preservatives Range Offer

  1. Owatrol Composite Decking Colour Restorer x 2.5 Litres - All Colours
    Owatrol Composite Decking Colour Restorer x 2.5 Litres - All Colours