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Wood Stain is a type of paint used to colour wood by soaking pigment into wood fibres with a solvent and then having it set and bind to the wood.

How does Wood Stain Work?

Wood Stain works by saturating colour into the wood itself, rather than just applying a layer of colour onto the surface of wood. Whilst it’s primary purpose is to change the colour of the wood, some products also offer certain protections as a result of the colouring and absorption of the stain deep into the wood.

Mainly protecting against ultraviolet light by reflecting UV and preventing the wood surface from fading or loosing colour.

What Wood Stain do we Offer?

  • Wood Stain is available in a range of water, solvent and oil-based formulations, and each one suitable for a different need.
  • Wood Stain can be used on all exterior woods; doors, windows and windowsill, carports, timber cladding, balcony, wooden decking, screens & fences, pergolas, garden houses and furniture.
  • However it is important to note that when Wood Stain is applied to decking or any area subject to foot traffic only a single coat should be applied and then we suggest that the product should be overcoated with anti slip decking oil to avoid accidents, also available online from us.
  • Wood Stains provide fantastic long lasting protection for many areas of your home. Under normal conditions, most wood stains will usually last around 5 years.

We stock two large named brands online, Cuprinol and Ronseal, both of which provide a range of fantastic products that are sure to provide exactly what you’re looking for. Find out a bit more about each of these brands: Ronseal is a British wood stain, paint and preservative manufacturer who aim to provide a range of products that increase DIY efficiency and reduce common stressors.

They create products that have value high performance, resulting in long-lasting finishes and completed tasks that you can be assured won't need doing again for a while. Through regular research and development they are always looking to make sure that their latest technology is being used to the best effect, their research and development team regularly analyse feedback to make sure that their latest technology is being utilised to its potential.

Wood Stain Brands

  • The Ronseal products provide protection against weather and foot traffic, but also the deep-penetrating formula acts as a wood preservative and replenishes the natural oils of the wood which can help prevent cracks, splitting, warping and greying Cuprinol believe that your garden should be treated as an extension for your home and is crucial to your wellbeing.
  • They know that a garden is more than just an open-air space, it has the power to inspire creativity and reduce stress, and there is great potential when properly cared for.
  • Cuprinol have been working harder to become greener and reduce production of harmful chemicals and waste, making them an environmentally conscious and practical choice in garden care.
  • Cuprinol’s products have a quick-drying formula that allows most jobs to be completed in one day, saving you both time and money. They are made using a high-quality formula that offers a long-lasting and durable water-repellent coating that also protects against all weather.

We have a varied amount of sizes of wood stain available, this allows you to only purchase the amount you need for the project – making sure not to waste any money. We predict that 1 litre of Wood Stain will cover approx 26m2 on smooth timber and approx 12m2 on rough sawn wood

Choosing your Wood Stain

Wood Stain can come in a large number of colours, ranging from the more natural wood shades, to more contemporary greys or white. Why not even try a more stand out shade like the green we have available!

All of which provide a natural-looking colour finish to your decking, meaning the livelihood and style of your garden is bound to last for years to come. Please note, the colour tone is influenced greatly by the natural tone of the wood and may deviate from the colour chart so a test area must always be done before the main application

Applying your Wood Stain

  • It’s wise to sample the product somewhere before you apply properly to the area you are decorating.
  • Before you apply varnish to wood, make sure you sand and clean your workspace.
  • Then, apply the varnish in several thin layers, let each one dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next layer.
  • One coat is enough for many areas, but additional layers can be applied if needed, as long as you first let the previous one dry thoroughly.
  • All woods vary and so some are denser and will absorb the stain more than others.
  • Always apply in dry weather above 10ºc.

To complete your DIY project, we also sell gloves, brushes, sandpaper and more, all of which are by fantastic brands and at excellent prices. At BSO there is no need to shop anywhere else.

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