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Chipboard Flooring

Chipboard flooring is a product that is commonly installed as a sub-floor to sit on top of building joists, engineered for all domestic and most other floors. Once laid, a variety of surface flooring can be fitted over the top.

Chipboard flooring is a composite product, manufactured from coarse sawdust and wood chips combined together with resin to create hard wearing and stable sheets. The wood and resin mixture is subsequently heat processed and compressed to form the large chipboard sheets. Chipboard flooring is also called particle board on account of the particles of wood that are clearly visible throughout. Chipboard flooring is designed to slot together through the tongue and groove system, creating an even, smooth and robust surface. Chipboard flooring sheets can be secured in position with nail or screws or by the application of adhesive. Chipboard flooring acts as a protective base layer, its moisture resistance means it remains dry and resists attack from damp and mould.

Chipboard flooring sheets are measured and cut to fit the floor space and bonded to building joists. The boards are nailed, screwed or secured down with specialist adhesive. Chipboard sheeting is easy to cut to shape so can be installed successfully even in rooms with an awkward footprint, such as rooms with multiple recesses and complex corners. Chipboard sheets can also be be used to create a suspended floor, board roof spaces and lofts or add a secondary layer of flooring over a solid under floor.

Our range of strong and moisture resistant chipboard flooring is available in a two sizes, fully FSC certified and made to meet all the required standards for safety, such as fire resistance and moisture proofing. Our chipboard flooring options have been selected not only for quality but value, with prices suitable for any budget and any size of undertaking.

Chipboard flooring is a very versatile engineered wood product, it is also known as Particle Board. Engineered wood is made up of small pieces of wood chips bound together with special resin and glues, to create a strong bonded product. As chipboard flooring is an engineered product it is free of defects such as knot holes and other natural marks, meaning there is no wastage of the product. Chipboard flooring is more economical to use for an unseen subfloor than plywood, as plywood is more attractive and therefore can be more costly.

Chipboard flooring is used to build a subfloor over joists so that flooring can be laid on top. Chipboard flooring is moisture resistant as it is important that the subfloor stays dry and is not at risk from damp and mould. Chipboard flooring is made in a tongue and groove design so it is smooth, easy to install, and is strong once it is laid down. Chipboard sheets can be held in place with nail or screws or by simply using adhesives to stick them down. If you do use adhesives to lay your chipboard flooring this will ensure your floor is unlikely to develop creaks and squeaks.

Fortunately, chipboard sheets are very easy to cut to shape for any awkward corners. With a good even layer of smooth chipboard sheets to form your subfloor, your choice of floor coverings will be easy to fit on top. If you have chosen to lay laminate flooring or wood flooring over your new subfloor, you may not need any other underlay material. Chipboard sheets can be used for many things such as loft boarding and building a suspended floor over a solid subfloor. Chipboard flooring is made to meet all the standards for safety, such as fire resistance and moisture proofing.

Our range of Cheap Chipboard Flooring has been selected not only for its high-quality materials and finish but also their budget-friendly price point. Our Cheap Chipboard Flooring is suitable for load-bearing applications in conditions where moisture can potentially vary due to humidity.

Our P5 high-density Cheap Chipboard Flooring is designed specifically for all your flooring applications. These Chipboard Floorboards are available in a tongued and grooved format and come in either 18mm or 22mm thicknesses. This Chipboard Flooring is the ideal solution for all domestic applications and the Chipboard flooring can also be used in some specific commercial flooring applications. The P5 Chipboard Sheets are the most commonly used Chipboard flooring in the UK. The durability of these Chipboard Flooring is achieved by using highly moisture resistant resin systems during the manufacturing/

Chipboard Flooring with tongue and groove joints are designed to be easily installed and are also moisture resistant. These Chipboard Floorboards come in two sheets sizes,  18mm X 2400mm X 600mm Chipboard Flooring and 22mm X 2400mm X 600mm. The Chipboard Flooring are easily slotted together using tongue and groove joints (t&g). 

Chipboard flooring specifications

    P5 Moisture resistant grade
    Joists can be spaced at 400mm
    Used in domestic flooring house builds or refurbs
    Specified by NHBC for new build
    CE & FSC approved Chipboard Floorboards
    18mm or 22mm thick

To avoid the possibility of noisy floors ensure that joints are glued with a waterproof D3 adhesive. It is also highly advisable that your chipboard flooring sheets are also be glued to the joists or beams regardless of the mechanical fixings. Our business pursues innovation, to provide exceptional customer service, to encourage customers to put their faith in us and in return to recommend our services to friends and family; which will help us to establish a good reputation.

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