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Planed Square Edge (PSE) Timber

Planed Timber is now online and available on our website, we offer a wide selection to choose from with some excellent prices.

Our Range

This type of timber is highly suitable for a wide range of joinery applications where the appearance and finish are highly important. For example, construction work or furniture building. This timber is a natural way to work with which is why it's such a great product. Its highly versatile and can be used to make an endless selection of furniture or other products. Generally, it comes supplied unfinished which allows you to add a personal touch in painting or varnishing to your desired colour choice.

Whitewood and redwood are two types of planed Timber, both of which have excellent positives.

  • Whitewood, for example, is native in wetter parts of the world, it has a wide grain and is relatively light in colour.
  • Redwood, however, generally looks neater as it's derived from pine, it gives a more minimalist and smart finish. Planed timber sizes vary also.

Making a Choice

When making a decision on which planed Timber is best for you and your project it's essential to consider the overall finish of the Timber and what's best for you. Smooth Planed timber is excellent when used to make furniture as it comes smoothed so only requires you to coat in varnish or paint to finish once your project is built. This allows you to give a personal touch to your planned Timber and make the final decision on colour and finish. There is also no need to worry about sizes as this timber comes in a variety of thickness and sizes. So depending on what you are building, this is important to consider. Different woods also have different prices. American oak is more than traditional UK timber, it also has a different appearance in terms of colour and grains.

We offer a wide selection of planed Timber online to suit everyone's needs and desires, all of which come for an excellent competitive price.

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