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Garden Buildings


Explore our range of garden buildings products from industry leading brand Forest Garden.

From a summer house for unwinding on a hot, sunny afternoon to an aesthetically designed shed, whose sole function is to optimise both your garden and storage space, the opportunities that Building Supplies Online Garden Buildings offer for transforming your outdoor living and comforts, are endless.

Whether you are looking to build a bright games pavilion, to give both you and your children a place of escape, or a home office that perfectly enhances the natural light your garden has to offer, you will find the Garden Building perfectly suited to your personal needs and aspirations on the Building Supplies Online website.

Why Buy a Garden Building from Building Supplies Online

  • The range of Garden Building structures offered on the Building Supplies Online website is uncontested by other competitors on the market.
  • Building Supplies Online has made its Garden Building product range so extensive as we understand the process of choosing and buying a Garden Building best suited to its intended customer function is an extremely personal experience.
  • With this knowledge under our belt, we strive to cater to the more traditional and practical tastes of our buyers, as well as that of our customers looking for a Garden Building, more luxurious and aesthetically-focused in nature.
  • From our spacious garages and garden sheds, perfect for the family home owner desperately searching for some extra storage space, to our cabins and playhouses, often purchased by our customers to complete their dream home office space, or to extend their social sitting areas, Building Supplies Online is guaranteed to offer the Garden Building that is right for you and your family.

Things to Consider Before Buying your Garden Building

Size and Space

  • Your first consideration as a potential Garden Building buyer is to assess the amount of space you have available for your new Garden Building Structure. For example, more space may be needed to accommodate a children's games room than for a guest bedroom designed to entertain one person.
  • Once this has been established, you will be in the prime position to choose a Garden Building that not only suits its intended function but utilises your available space to get the best results both practically, and aesthetically.


  • Whilst the majority of Log Cabin Garden Buildings will be constructed with untreated Timber, garages will tend to be built out of thicker substances or metal reinforcements. The type of Garden Building you choose for your home will involve assessing if the structure’s material is right for your Garden Building’s intended purpose.
  • For example, if you are looking to use your Garden Building as a home addition (such as an extra living room or bedroom), all year round, it would be advisable to choose a Garden Building with thicker walls than that of a summer house, so as to maintain a warm and homely environment even in the chilly winter months.

Windows and Doors

  • Building Supplies Online knows the size and style of your Garden Building’s windows and doors is a very personal decision. If you are hunting for a bright, airy space that makes the most of the sunlight your garden receives, full pane windows and doors would be the optimal choice.
  • On the other hand, if style and sophistication are your top priorities in designing your dream Garden Building, a Georgian pane style may be more suited to your needs. 
  • Building Supplies Online offers a variety of window and door designs, assuring our buyers that their personal tastes are just as much our concern as providing them with a practical and durable Garden Building.
  • Just as with all other Building Supplies Online products, our Garden Buildings boast, not just variety and quality, but longevity and durability, both in their appearance and construction. We understand that your Garden Building purchase is one that could last a lifetime, and we intend to help our customers realise this dream. Check out our Garden Building range on the Building Supplies website today at:

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