Close Coupled Toilets


Explore our range of Close Coupled Toilets from well known brands including Armitage Shanks, Roca and Tavistock.

Still one of the most popular styles of toilet in the UK, the Close Coupled Toilet is a timeless classic. It will suit any style or size bathroom and won't go out of fashion anytime soon.

Here at Building Supplies Online, we have an extensive range of Close Coupled Toilets for you to choose from. Our Close Coupled Toilets range includes traditional and contemporary designs from

Below are some examples from our Close Coupled Toilets range that we stock at Building Supplies Online. Please take a look at our other products in our Toilet Bidets section for anything else you may require.

What is a Close Coupled Toilet?

The cistern and bowl are attached together on a Close Coupled Toilet to create a streamlined and compact unit. This makes them a perfect toilet for any bathroom space. A Close Coupled Toilet is a popular choice amongst homeowners because all the pipework and plumbing is hidden. A close coupled toilet can range in price between £100 to excess if £500. A close coupled toiet combines space saving techniques with a great aesthetic designed toilet. 

A Close Coupled Toilet can suit any style or size bathroom. This is due to their versatile nature, they are also available in modern and traditional designs and various sizes.

Choosing your Close Coupled Toilet

We offer a wide range of Traditional Close Coupled Toilets from Hawke & Beck to Burlington. These styles feature a more period aesthetic and are usually paired with a traditional wooden toilet seat.

Our modern Close Coupled Toilets brands are

These brands have been styled to suit recent trends and are usually paired with a standard or soft close white toilet seat.

Close Coupled Toilets are not only popular amongst homeowners but also plumbers due to the fact they're cheap and easy to install. We offer a wide range of styles and shapes to choose from. These include Close Coupled Toilets with short projections. Their compact nature is designed to fit bathrooms where space is limited, making them perfect for en-suites and cloakrooms.

The flush mechanisms vary on a Close Coupled Toilet, from traditional handles to modern chrome buttons. We also offer a selection of Close Coupled Toilets that include innovative water technology. This adjusts the flow of water reduce water usage.

If cleaning the toilet is your priority when buying a toilet, we have 'fully shrouded' Close Coupled Toilets available. This design is where the toilet is against the wall from top to bottom, meaning there are no awkward spaces that are out of reach to clean.

Close Coupled Toilets are well known for being water efficient, durable and hard wearing. Many are also immune from water damage. The Close Coupled Toilet is a great way to create a minimalistic design. They are usually available in a white finish to give the illusion of more space in the bathroom and a clean appeal.

Vitra's quest is to create complete, satisfying bathroom environments. This means transforming often overlooked spaces into something more than a necessity of modern life. It's about creating an enjoyable experience by changing our perception of the bathroom.

In our Closed Coupled Toilets range, we currently stock the Vitra S20. This is perfectly designed to make even the smallest of bathroom spaces feel modern and contemporary.

The Ideal Standard Tempo range of Close Coupled Toilets boasts soft edges and a minimal look, making it ideal for modern families.

The Close Coupled Toilets streamlined shape, not only enhances the feeling of space. It also delivers on practicality and safety for busy family life, leaving a contemporary space of total relaxation.

Bring an early Edwardian sensibility to your bathroom with one of these traditional Close Coupled Toilets. Pair with a classically designed cistern to complete your look

Burlington Close Coupled Toilets are available in numerous styles. Close Coupled Toilets and low-level WCs are available with either a ceramic lever flush or a more contemporary front flush button. All Close Coupled Toilets with a cistern are also available in standard 51cm or slimline 44cm cisterns. This is to add greater flexibility to the placement of your WC.

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