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Ideal Standard

Quality and affordable bathroom products from Ideal Standard. Shape your bathroom into an expression of your personal style with Ideal Standard Bathrooms.

Who is Ideal Standard?

Perhaps one of the industries oldest and innovative organisations, Ideal standard have been contributing to leaps in design and processes that are standard practice in today. Founded over 100 years ago in 1901, Ideal Standard has shaped the bathroom and sanitary industry, continue to do so today and will likely push even further forward in the future in terms of setting an example to its competitors and bathroom design. The single lever tap, rimless toilet and ultra flat shower trays are a few examples of products pioneered by Ideal Standard.

Ideal Standard has vast experience in their craft which gives them a competitive edge when it comes to consistent quality of their bathroom products, expertise in manufacturing and engineering are huge assets to Ideal Standard that they have grown and cultivated obsessively during the 100+ years Ideal Standard has existed. Ideal standards products are often favourited by plumbers, contractors or architects because they are designed with ease of installation and use in mind. Ideal Standard focuses their attention on professionals that are installing and implementing their products into their designs and work if a company is trusted by those who install the products you know you are getting quality service and product quality.

Ideal Standards role in Innovative practice

Despite being an increasingly successful and huge multinational business, Ideal Standard is conscious about its impact as a business, specifically on the world's water. Our use of water has gained greater attention in recent years because of changing the weather and environmental conditions, Ideal Standard have responded to this in two ways. Firstly, Ideal Standard ensure that their manufacturing processes are not wasteful which not only saves on cost reducing the price of their products but also reduces their impact on the environment. Secondly, Ideal Standard's products are engineered and designed to conserve their water use, this means that not only are you the customer conserving water with each use, but Ideal Standard Products continue to improve water consumption for as long as they are installed in your home.

What does Ideal Standard offer?

Whether your bathroom is small or large, Ideal Standard have Bathroom products to accommodate any shape or size. Ideal Standard has a variety of extremely affordable products that you can create and complete your bathroom with, from hand wash basins and toilets for commercial and domestic use to flush plates and towel rings to complete your bathrooms modern look.

Ideal Standard believe that bathrooms should be living space not just functional spaces. Since they started over 100 years ago Ideal Standard has become a renowned sanitary ware manufacturer known for their design excellence and affordable price, this makes them a leading contemporary bathroom brand across Europe. Ideal Standard creates spaces where form and function come together perfectly. Ideal Standard products are all designed to complement each other so whatever combination of bathroom furniture you go for, the result will be a beautiful and unique bathroom.

Choosing your Ideal Standard bathroom

Explore our range of Ideal Standard Bathroom Furniture. We have a wide variety of Ideal Standard vanity units that bring smart and discreet storage to busy bathrooms. All our Ideal Standard vanity units and cabinets fit together to suit any room layout. We have an extensive collection of Ideal Standard toilets, these range from close coupled toilets or back to wall pan toilets, these are an ideal solution for bathrooms where space is limited. Ideal Standards basins are known for making a statement. Discover our range of Ideal Standard basins, from back to wall corner basins that are perfect for cloakrooms or en-suites to larger vanity units with double basins, Ideal Standard will have a basin to suit your bathroom.

Ideal Standard taps are the perfect component to go with your Ideal Standard basin or bath. Ideal Standard has an extensive range of mixer taps, all with a chrome finish to go perfectly with your modern or contemporary bathroom. We have a concise range of simple and elegant Ideal Standard shower trays to complement Ideal Shower enclosures. Finish off your bathroom with our Ideal standard Bathroom Accessories. We have a wide variety of Ideal Standard bathroom accessories from ceramic tumblers, available in a chrome and white to ceramic soap dishes, our Ideal Standard Bathroom Accessories will complete your modern bathroom.

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