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Armitage Shanks

Modern Commercial and Domestic Bathrooms. A British Institution with roots back to the mid-nineteenth century and now one of the largest manufacturers of sanitaryware in the UK, Armitage Shanks have created products that are designed to last wilst offering the utmost satisfaction. Discover our range of Armitage Shanks Basins, Toilets and Bathroom accessories designed for commercial and domestic use. Armitage Shanks combine quality, style and value for money and have established themselves as a quality manufacturer of commercial Bathrooms.

Armitage Shanks is a British Manufacturer of Bathroom products, focusing on fixtures and plumbing supplies. Founded way back in 1817, Armitage Shanks have always been one of the leading suppliers in plumbing goods. Branching out slowly into more products, constantly endeavoring to produce the best products in the business. With all products, Armitage Shanks always issue a guarantee, showing that they stand by the quality of the products they are producing. Armitage Shanks produce products for both commercial and domestic. This premise shows that Armitage Shanks provide products with a wide range of designs, making them the perfect choice for helping design your bathroom. Armitage Shanks also focus a lot on the behind the scenes aspect of bathrooms. Providing items like Flush pipes, Strainer Waste Systems, and other plumbing items. It is clear that Armitage Shanks is a reliable manufacturer supplying everything you need to design a perfect and reliable bathroom. Armitage Shanks are also committed to conserving natural resources, and thus saving money. For the past 40 years, Armitage SHanks have been at the forefront of developing new ideas and technologies. All of their products include water saving qualities from their toilets to their brassware. Armitage Shanks are always improving their products and service guaranteeing a perfect service.

Armitage Shanks for Commercial and Domestic Bathrooms

With an extensive range of Armitage Shanks basins to choose from, including semi-countertop and countertop basins with the option of wall or panel fixing you are bound to find an basin perfect for your bathroom. Armitage Shanks Basins are available in different sizes to accommodate restricted spaces. Our Armitage Shanks countertop Washbasins are designed for general purpose use providing a stylish and cost effective solution.

The Armitage Shanks Toilet Range includes Close Coupled and Back to the Wall Toilets with selected having the option to have a seat with a cover or a seat with no cover. Choose from the extensive range of Armitage Shanks Urinals designed for a cleaner and healthier washroom. Armitage Shanks Urinals unique designs reduce contamination on users clothes and surrounding surfaces.

Choose from our huge range of Armitage Shanks Taps, designed to complement your modern Armitage shanks Basin, keeping a classic look whilst maintaining modern functionality. Our Armitage Shanks Tap range includes Taps with proximity sensors, self closing pillar taps or push button taps designed for saving water and energy. Finish off your bathroom with Armitage Shanks Bathroom Accessories to make your bathroom into a modern and clean Bathroom Space. 

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