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Grohe offer luxury bathroom fittings that match your style. Whether you're opting for a complete refit or you simply want to upgrade your existing bathroom fittings, we offer a range of innovative and attractive bathroom appliances from Grohe for you to create a truly unique modern bathroom.

Who are Grohe?

Grohe is a leading international brand that specialises in bathrooms and kitchens. They commit to making high-quality products whilst also working towards providing new innovative water products. Grohe has been committed to their brand values, these are, technology, quality, design, and sustainability. These commitments/values show that Grohe is striving to deliver an excellent experience with each of their products. All of the Grohe products produced to bear the badge of "Made in Germany" ultimately reassuring all customers that all Grohe products are made to the same standard.

Over the past decade, Grohe has been growing as a brand. Their products have won various awards showing that Grohe is a brand you can trust. Grohe has been awarded over 200 design and innovation awards as well as appearing in the top 3 of "Germany's most sustainable major companies of 2015". These awards are widely renowned in the manufacturing business and solidify Grohe's place in the market. Grohe is here to stay. With headquarters around the world, including one in New York City, USA, Grohe are constantly growing and are becoming a go-to brand when looking for bathroom or kitchen fittings. Their commitment to water preservation shows that Grohe is not only committed to creating great products, but they are also committed to being conservative and economical.

Grohe has a wide range of products such as Flush Systems, Shower Heads, Taps and Thermostats which all have their own water-saving counterparts. With this Grohe grant you, the consumer, options to play with which can alter the amount of water used by the product. With the Grohe range of concealed cisterns, you can choose between 3 different types of flush, single-flushing, start/stop flushing and dual flushing. This all depends on your choice of flush plate. A dual-flush toilet offers two different volumes of flush, these are 6 litres or 3 litres, but you can also adjust the plate to give another reduced volume of 4.5 litres per flush. These options are often paired with the flush plate and by simply pushing the larger button you would get a larger flush, and the smaller button for the smaller flush. Grohe also has eco settings for their shower heads, simply by sliding the button, you can reduce the water consumption of your shower by 40%. Even the Grohe hand shower has an eco-friendly mode. This is Grohe putting full control in your hands as well as doing their part to help protect the environment.

Grohe is constantly reassuring their consumers that they are focused on them. Grohe built their most recent headquarters to fit a new, contemporary, modern style, situated in the heart of Dusseldorf. Being active in over 100 countries Grohe benefit from the transparency of their new headquarters. Mainly consisting of bright colours and open plan offices as well as mainly big windows. This headquarters is designed to allow Grohe customers to communicate easily allowing them to create a constant flow of communication. With this comes high-quality products which give the consumer more than enough reason to trust Grohe and their method of delivering an exceptional service.

Choosing your Grohe products

Grohe are a global brand that specialise in sanitary fittings and offer a a variety of options designed to suit a range of settings. Their design, quality and sustainability have landed them prestigious awards. 

Grohe have combined the latest technology with exceptional design to create bathroom fittings that do not only look fantastic but function to the highest standard. Choose from bathroom taps, showers, shower mixers and toilets. Made from high quality materials and designed for comfortable use our Grohe bathroom taps are a popular choice amongst homeowners and plumbers and are available at an affordable price.

Grohe Bathroom Accessories

Aside from Grohe's technically superior bathroom fittings, they also produce a luxury seection of bathroom accessories. These Grohe accessories allow homeowners to completely update their bathrooms without having to go through the hassle of changing bathroom appliances. Grohe products including soap dishes, robe holders and towel rings are the perfect finishing touchers to your bathroom. These small products are often overlooked in the design process of a bathroom however are significant, these Grohe details will transform a dull bathroom into an enjoyable and pleasant bathing area. All our Grohe bathroom accessories are finished in chrome to attract the eye. This chrome finish is long lasting and resistant to scratches. All our Grohe products are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any bathroom.

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