MDF sheets are made from recycled wood fibre and resins. Shop online today from Building Supplies Online.

What is MDF?

MDF sheets are a medium density fibreboard which is a high-grade composite material. MDF panels are made from recycled wood fibre and resins that are dried and pressed together to form solid boards.

MDF sheets are similar to particle board but far stronger and with a smooth surface. As MDF panels are so robust they can actually work better than a real wood product for some projects, and they are usually better value for money.

As the MDF sheets are a man-made product they are free of knot holes and other natural markings that can occur in real wood. This means that MDF sheets are easy to drill or cut without damage to the surface. Both MDF boards and MDF sheets are really handy products and are great for so many interior projects.

What can MDF be used for?

MDF sheets can be used for so many things ;

  • Panelling
  • Boxing in
  • Shelves

How to use MDF Boards?

As MDF boards are not water resistant they cannot be used outdoors, just for inside work. There are moisture resistant MDF panels. These are suitable for humid areas, or places that might get damp occasionally like kitchen shelves or bathroom cupboards. It is possible to paint MDF boards. Since they are made of such a porous material, you will need to apply several layers of primer first before the paint. Sanding the MDF boards between layers of paint or primer helps as well. It is also a good idea to use a good sealant on any cut edges of any MDF sheets.

When cutting and working with MDF sheets it is advisable to wear a mask. You should work in a well-ventilated area to protect yourself as the MDF boards will produce a lot of dust and particles when cut. This could cause breathing problems.

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