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Shop our range of Plaster and receive high-quality products at affordable prices.


It is used as a protective and decorative coating for walls and ceilings. The dry powder is mixed with cement to create a paste which when applied creates a smooth, aesthetically pleasing lining. The plaster hardens on drying, this bonds with the wall to create a stronger barrier. It can be used on all construction types and is extremely durable and long-lasting.

It was used in the construction of Egyptian Pyramids over 4000 years ago, which are still standing strong today. Applying it when wet is extremely easy and doesn’t require a level of skill.

Our Range

We offer plaster manufactured by industry leaders Gyproc and Knauf. They are brands developed by British Gypsum, an innovator in interior lining systems. British Gypsum has over 100 year’s experience in plaster and aims to contribute towards building better living and working spaces.

The products are exceedingly reliant on providing the best possible products and ensuring high levels of quality. Knauf specialise in gypsum-based products and are knowledgeable on what makes strong, reliant plaster.


  • Plaster is very durable and creates a strong wall finish
  • It’s unlikely to cause a finish that cracks
  • It forms a thick surface
  • It has fire resistant qualities and is non-combustible
  • It improves acoustics and creates a highly effective sound barrier
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