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Plaster is used as a protective and decorative coating for walls and ceilings. The dry powder is mixed with cement to create a paste which when applied creates a smooth, aesthetically pleasing lining. The plaster hardens on drying, bonding plaster walls together and creating a strong barrier. Plaster can be used on all construction types and is extremely durable and long-lasting. Plaster was used in the construction of Egyptian Pyramids over 4000 years ago, which are still standing strong today. Applying plaster when wet is extremely easy and does not require a level of skill. Plaster renders a solid surface to walls providing a exceptionally strong support.

Innovative Plaster Products From Industry Leaders 

The selection of plaster available online is manufactured by industry leaders Gyproc, Thistle, and Knauf. Gyproc and Thistle are brands developed by British Gypsum, an innovator in interior lining systems. British Gypsum has over 100 years experience in plaster and aims to contribute towards building better living and working spaces. The Gyproc and Thistle plaster products are exceedingly reliant on providing the best possible products and ensuring high levels of quality. Knauf specialise in gypsum-based products and are knowledgeable on what makes strong, reliant plaster. Here at Building Supplies online we are confident that all our plaster suppliers use only the very best materials to provide high quality.

Shop Our Range Of Plaster 

It is important to make sure you are selecting the right plaster products for your project. We have all you could need for any job. The range of plaster at Building Supplies Online consist of Drywall Plasterboard Adhesive, Easi-Fill Plasterboard Adhesive, Cove Adhesive, Thistlebond It, Plasterboard Adhesive, Bonding Plaster Coat, Hardwall Thistle, Multi-Finish Plaster Thistle, Tough Coat Plaster Thistle, Board Finishing Plaster Thistle and Easi Fill Plaster.

The Plaster adhesive range can be used for bonding plasterboard, sealing air gaps and sealing cove and cornice systems to a wall. The variety of thistle available is used as a plaster bonding agent for smooth backgrounds, a plaster undercoat tough or normal, a hard wall plaster or finishing plaster. The easy-fill is for bulk filling and finishing plasterboard joints.

Multi-Finish Plaster

The British Gypsum Thistle Multi-Finish Plaster that is available to buy is for a variety of different backgrounds and is a multi-purpose plaster. The versatility of Multi-use plaster allows for applications on plasterboard, glasroc multi-board, flat concrete and medium to high suction gypsum or cement-based plaster undercoats. Once applied this plaster drys creating a high-quality surface suitable for decorative finishes. Multi-finish plaster can also be used for filling in patches and small jobs.

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