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Your front door can say more about your home than you think. An Oak External Door contributes to the style of your outside and is naturally one of the first things your visitors see. Traditionally Wooden Front & Back Doors convey warmth and provide a feeling of sturdiness.

Express your style with our range of External Wooden Doors from industry leading brands including JELD-WEN, LPD Doors & XL Joinery.

Why Choose an Oak Front Door?

  • As with anything you buy for your home, you want to make sure your Wooden Front Doors will stand the test of time. Cheap doors can often look very tempting due to the price however lack of quality isn’t worth wasting money on. Oak External Doors have a solid wooden frame making them durable, long lasting and hard-wearing doors.
  • External Wooden Doors are great insulators. Just like floors, doors play a big role in helping to keep heat in your home. Hardwood Front Doors help to insulate your home in the colder months but also work well in the Summer. Oak Doors are extremely energy efficient thanks to their dense material.
  • Solid Wood Front Doors are available in a variety of colours to ensure they match with all your other furnishings. Help blend your floors, cabinet doors, tables and chairs together with our range of Oak External Doors.
  • Oak External Doors do not only have insulation benefits, they also have acoustic advantages. Oak Doors in particular create an impressive noise barrier when closed, making them perfect for homes that are located on busy main roads or streets.
  • The price of Solid Oak Front Doors is another huge benefit. They are very affordable, and you will be guaranteed the highest quality door at a great price.

Choosing your Exterior Wood Doors

Our website has a great range of External Oak Doors for you to browse, giving you the versatility to choose the Oak Front Door that best suits your need.

  • Naturally finished Oak External Doors with glass are amongst our most popular Wooden Doors
  • Our JELD-WEN External White Oak Unfinished Knightsbridge Chester is amongst our favourites. This External Wooden Door is completely unfinished and ready to stain or paint however you would like.
  • Our Oak External Doors with large glass panels are becoming more popular as they are a great way of increasing the amount of light into your home to create a light and airy atmosphere.
  • Our XL Joinery Pattern 10 Double Glazed External Door is great as a back door or external kitchen door. The clear glass allows maximum natural light but doesn’t compromise on safety due to its toughened double-glazed safety glass.
  • Our Solid Oak Front Doors are a popular choice due to their solid core and durability. Solid Oak Front Doors resist pressure and are great insulators.
  • Our LPD GRP Mexicano Door Exterior Door looks like a traditional timber door but has none of the maintenance worries.

If you need additional help choosing your External Oak Doors message us on live chat or contact our customer service team.

What is an external door?

Any external door is one that is suitable to be used externaly. Similar to this our solid oak front doors with glass are in our external doors range and ar robust and durable, like most external doors.

What is the best material for front doors?

A top contender is wood. Most doors are made from wood as it is goo at insulating and it is aesthetically pleasing. But we don't just offer wooden front doors. Some front doors are made from steel, fibreglass or even aluminium.

How much do wooden doors cost?

A standard oak door costs between £75 up to £150. However, oak front doors cost slightly more due to their aesthetic appeal and improved efficiency. In general, a solid oak door will cost more than a mixed door.

What wood is used for front doors?

Most manufacturers producing Solid Wood External Doors will use oak as their primary crafting material. It insulates well and has a high aesthetic appeal.

What is a solid wood door?

Solid wood doors are what they say in the name; it is a door made from solid wood. They are usually expensive and would be best suited to being a solid oak external door.

What is engineered oak?

Engineered oak is an oak-like product made from manufacturing and binding wood strands together. This can create a stronger product with the aesthetic appeal oak has without the expense or the weight.

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