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Towel Radiators

Our Towel Radiator range offers a variety of designs from contemporary to traditional. Browse through our selected Towel Radiators to find the best one which suits you! Our Towel Radiators are supplied by Zehnder and Supplies 4 Heat, 2 well-established suppliers who manufacture high-quality radiators. Zehnder is one of our biggest suppliers of Towel Radiators, they were founded in 1895 and have been growing ever since.

Zehnder have are constantly working on their designs, this is clearly visible in their Towel Radiators. These towel rails will blend into the lifestyle designs of today. Their designs include contemporary, unique, and abstract Towel Radiators. All of which are made from high-quality materials designed to be efficient and long-lasting. Supplies 4 Heat offer a slightly different range. Their Towel Radiators vary in size rather than shape. Most f their Towel Radiators consist of the standard design of horizontal heated bars however with slightly different variations. In addition, some of their Towel radiators are smaller, ideal for saving space in the bathroom whilst still offering a quality service. Our Towel Radiators Rail Radiators also consist of a small selection of Barlo products. Barlo prides themselves on being the best choice for environmentally friendly Radiators, and more specifically we have chosen some Towel radiators from their inventory, offering a product which is designed to have less of an impact on the environment.

A towel radiator is an ideal addition to any bathroom or shower room. Installing a towel radiator instead of a regular radiator gives you a lovely place to hang your bath towels to warm and air. A towel radiator is becoming a very popular item to have because of this dual purpose, adding warmth to the room and airing towels at the same time. A towel radiator can look really smart and will add style to your bathroom.

There are all sorts of finishes available, chrome and white seem to be the most popular and will fit in to most bathroom decor schemes. Different shapes and sizes are now available too, curved and flat shapes with different widths depending on the space available. A ladder towel radiator is becoming popular too as they have a different quirky look as the bars are staggered from widest at the bottom to narrow at the top, this gives you a lot of space for towel hanging. A towel radiator is usually installed as part of your central heating system and then will work alongside your heating system. This is especially useful when used with a programming unit as you can have cosy warm towels ready for your morning shower or evening soak in the bath.

An electric towel radiator is also available for bathroom use but will need wiring outside of the bathroom for safety. This is useful if it would be difficult or too costly to extend your central heating plumbing to the bathroom. An electric towel radiator will usually have a thermostat built in to regulate the temperature, and you may be able to add a timer as well. Another simple way to add a towel radiator is a plug-in type that cannot be used in a bathroom but could be used in a bedroom or other area to add warmth and air towels, as long as it is away from water sources.

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