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Sawn timber is a softwood with a rough sawn finish, kiln dried and high pressure treated with a wood preservative treatment to protect from rotting, mould and insect attack. Sawn timber is ideal for outdoor projects like fencing, with any cut ends being re-treated with preservative.

What is Sawn Timber?

Sawn timber is a natural product that will contract and expand with moisture levels, the colour of the wood will change due to natural weathering and ageing. Sawn timber can be coated with a wood care product to protect from moisture and to add colour to your fence, pergola or trellis. Sawn timber would normally be used with a suitable fencing post holder or similar as it is not recommended for direct ground contact. Sawn timber is also used for decking,roofing joists and floor joists.

Choosing your Sawn Timber

Laver timber is one of the UK's largest wood supply companies. They have 13 timber depots across the UK, that stock a huge range of softwoods and hardwoods from many species or grades. Some of their range includes sawn timber, CLS timber, and framing wood. It is the sort of sawn timber suitable for architraves, door framing, skirtings and dado rails. Other parts of the range include sawn timber for joinery work like extensions and joists.

Laver timber are a popular choice as a wood supply company as they have up-to-date factories that can machine timber to your exact requirements. Laver timber offers a range of industrially applied timber treatments that ensure your timber has a long lifespan. Laver timber also offers a fire retardant treatment for their wood supply if this is required by building regulations. Sawn timber from Laver timber is from slowly grown wood, for extra strength, durability and has fewer large knot holes, so Laver timber is ideal for interior framing and boxing in of unsightly pipework. Laver timber is responsibly sourced.

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