Flat Roof Windows

We offer a variety of Roof Lights from leading manufacturers including VELUX, who are deemed a first choice for many home owners and builders.

What are Roof Lights?

Roof Lights also known as Flat Roof Windows are an opening that Is created in the structure of a flat roof. This is to allow light to come into an interior space below. They come in a variety of styles such as; dome, curved glass, flat glass, fixed and opening.

Why Install a Flat Roof Window?

Flat Roof Windows aren’t just becoming popular amongst homeowners but also amongst architects and designers. They are a favourable addition to both an interior and exterior.

  • Flat Roof Windows are a great way of increasing natural light and in turn reduce your dependency on artificial lighting
  • They are great if you don’t have space for vertical windows within your home
  • Roof Lights are a stylish yet discreet feature

Benefits of Flat Roof Skylights

Installing Roof Lights into your home has a number of benefits that are often overlooked. Roof Lights have become increasingly more popular in recent years because they have become more affordable while constantly improving in quality.

Although Roof Lights are great in the day as a natural source of light, bad weather or cold nights are just as enjoyable, giving you a soothing and protected glace into the outside conditions without having to leave your home.

If you find the sound of rain on your window soothing, then Roof Lights are perfect for you.

Flat Roof Windows often have unintended benefits that you wouldn’t expect from a window.

  • One of these benefits is increased motivation. Our bodies respond well to natural light, letting that into your home can give you a natural boost that you can’t quite appreciate without having one in your home
  • As well as benefiting your mood and productivity, Roof Lights can also benefit your wallet. Although this initial installation can be expensive, the money you save over a long period of time in terms of electricity bills is another unexpected but welcome benefit of Roof Lights
  • Natural light costs nothing and you won’t need to use your interior lights as much when the sun is brilliantly flooding your home with light

Things to Consider Before Installing a Flat Roof Skylight

  • Where you would like your Flat Roof Window to be installed
  • How much natural light would you like to let into your home
  • Roof Access
  • Ventilation

Positioning of your Roof Light is an important aspect to consider, you may find some rooms in your home might be more suited to natural light than others. You may prefer to add light to darker rooms in your home such as basements or rooms with low ceilings by fitting an interior Sky Light.

Whilst the idea of sitting under a Flat Roof Window is great, without the correct specification of glass you can end up with a greenhouse effect.

We offer both open and closed Flat Roof Windows if ventilation is your main concern. Our opening Roof Lights are available in electronic options.

Choosing your Roof Light

Our Roof Lights are available from industry leading brands including Mardome & VELUX.

Our range of Flat Roof Windows includes a variety of styles and sizes to suit any home or commercial building. We have Roof Lights with contemporary low rise and streamlined profiles to suit more modern houses and Roof Lights with aluminium frames and silver finishes for a more traditional home.

Can you put a VELUX window in a flat roof?

VELUX do produce roof windows suitable for Flat Roofs. In fact, VELUX Flat Roof Skylights are available in a range of sizes, making it easy for you to choose and install. 

Can you put a skylight in a flat roof?

Skylights are perfectly suitable for flat roofs. Skylights and flat roof windows are some of the best additions you can make to your flat roof to increase the natural light coming in to the room.

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