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Insulation Board


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Insulation board can be really a favourite choice for home energy savings and its prevalence is most likely to last owing to the inherent thermal properties.

Insulation board is an increasingly popular choice for building and insulation project. Insulation board offers advantages compared to traditional insulation materials like mineral wool slabs. If you choose the right insulation board product it can help you install the insulation more quickly and accurately. This saves time and cost, and produces more efficient insulation. At Building Supplies Online we have a great range of insulation board products, from insulation specialist such as

These are available in various sizes and thicknesses of insulation board. So you are sure to find the right insulation board for your new build or refurbishment insulation project.

Our Insulation Boards

Our insulation board range includes;

  • Traditional polyurethane insulation board
  • Modern insulation board
  • PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation board

These insulation board products use advanced materials either in a uni-material board or combined. They fit between reflective aluminium sheets to form especially high performance insulation board. All of our insulation board products offer low thermal conductivity, resistance to heat and fire. They are also resistant to penetration by moisture. As well as providing excellent thermal performance and insulation, insulation board can reduce the risk of fire. It can help prevent mould, fungus, bacteria, vermin and other pests from building up in insulation spaces in your home.

Our insulation board range includes a choice of various sizes of insulation board. They are also available in a range of insulation board thicknesses from as thin as 12mm to as thick as 200mm. As our range includes insulation board at various price points you are sure to find the insulation board to suit your budget.

Our Insulation boards are supplied to you via 2 of the biggest Insulation board chains. Kingspan and Celotex make up the bulk of our insulation boards. They have been providing quality products for years and their products have held a very good reputation. Kingspan is a nationwide business which specialises in insulation. Making their insulation boards some of the most trustworthy products on the market.

Celotex supply many of our products we sell at building supplies online, and their Insulation Boards are some of their best products. Some of our insulation boards are also supplied by Recticle and Ecotherm.

Our Insulation Board range are of the highest quality. Browse our full range of insulation boards to get a full idea of how wide our range is.

Perfect for commercial and domestic projects. Our insulation board suppliers can source bulk loads of product perfect for any projects. From different sizes and depths to different uses, our range consists of the most ideal insulation boards. With this comes quality checked insulation boards meeting the highest standards!

What is Insulation Board?

Insulation board provides many benefits for your house. You need to totally expel the insulation. Blown-in insulation demands specific equipment and tubing to really have the insulation into the attic. PU foam insulating material is among the very well-known choices. It is regarded as a vapor barrier as well as the moisture immunity, provided that every seam is taped with transparency insulation tape.

Installing rigid foam insulation is actually a very simple. It's a cost effective way to prevent heat loss and cooling on your residence.There are several varieties of insulation board.

The gap in the insulation board is due to the different processes and elements that play a part in how the aforementioned responses happen. So, whatever stuff you use, be certain it's a highscore.

Unless you own it already, get a can of producing insulation board. You ought to know more about the usage of a insulation board employed portable plastic.

This has the capacity to make a barrier on several different areas of the home including corners and contoured spaces. Insulation board is the most typical sort of insulation utilised for framing a concrete cellar.

Our best selling thickness of Insulation Board is the Insulation Board 50mm. We offer Insulation Board 50mm in a variety of styles from well known brands.

What is Insulation Board used for?

Insulation board is undoubtedly one of the most well known types of insulation. By insulating your home with insulation board you can save a lot of money on energy bills and reduce heat loss considerably.

Insulation board can be used in nearly any part of a building. This includes;

  • In between walls
  • Underneath floors
  • Between roof rafters

Insulation board is known for its superior thermal resistance, nearly twice as much as other materials of the same thickness. It's very important to choose the right material for your insulation board. This is because different areas of your home require different insulation board.

Insulation Board

Our range of Insulation board is a the most commonly used form of insulation. This is due to its fantastic thermal properties and increasing home energy efficiency. Also its versatility to be used in any area of your home or project building.

Insulation Board covers a lot of space easily and quickly so therefore making it very cost effective. Insulation Board is used as a vapour and moisture barrier as well as preventing heat loss with its insulating material. An extremely effective product when teamed with our Insulation Tape.

Our Insulation Board is available in a variety of widths, depths and lengths to help you find the right insulation board for your project. If looking to choose Insulation Board, please see each product's individual description. This is to identify the right material of insulation board best suited to different areas of your home.

How to Install Insulation Board?

Insulation board can be easier to install and more flexible in its applications than traditional mineral wool slabs. It is rigid and can be cut to size to fit the cavity space or area where you want to install insulation. As provides high thermal performance it can provide insulation when used between roof rafters and joists. It can offer good compressive strength some insulation board is suitable for use to provide insulation under floors.

If you're installing your insulation boards between rafter insulation follow these 4 steps

  1. Before cutting the insulation boards measure the space between the rafters as sizes and spacings will vary slightly
  2. Using a sharp knife or fin-thoothed saw the insulation boards to size
  3. Fit the insulation flush with the bottom of the rafters. Make sure that it doesn't fill the entire depth and ensure the insulation boards are installed tightly between the rafters
  4. Fill any left over gaps with expanding foam sealant

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