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Structural C16 Grade Timber

C16 timber is a very popular grade of softwood timber which is robust enough for almost all construction projects as it is a cheaper timber and as the C16 timber prices are good value, it is therefore very cost effective.

Choosing your C16 Timber 

The letter C in C16 timber refers to the fact that this is conifer wood and the number refers to the strength of the treated timber. C16 timber is great for building joists and smaller roofing work. As C16 timber is a treated timber it will have a long lifespan, the treatment protects against fungal growth and insect attack, this means treated timber is ideal in situations where mould could grow or insects could be present.

For any building work, it is easiest if your treated timber is strong, straight and then as similarly sized as possible. Most C16 treated timber will have been kiln dried to remove moisture so that it is of good straight quality for a cheaper timber, being kiln dried means the C16 timber is lighter and easier to handle but at the same time stronger to use. C16 timber deck joists are good to work with as they have rounded edges meaning they are more comfortable to handle.

They can be used for most treated timber projects but are especially suitable for building decking. If during the building work you need to cut the ends of your C16 timber, it is recommended that you re-treat the cut ends to reseal them with sealing treatment to continue protecting the treated timber. Treated timber can be stained, painted or treated with a preservative to achieve the desired shade of wood. C16 timber is ideal for pergolas, arbours and garden features especially as the C16 timber prices make it an economical choice for a cheaper timber that has many uses.

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