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Bifold Doors


Bifold Doors are an excellent feature for any home. Bifold doors add character to a room.

They are an increasingly popular alternative when you want to add or replace patio doors to your home. The Building Supplies Online range of bifold doors offers a great choice which means you are sure to find the bifold doors that are right for your home, and at a great value.

Why are people choosing bifold doors for their patio doors?

When bifold doors are opened to their full extent they open up almost the entire wall of the room that faces onto your patio or garden. This creates a great sense of space in your home, connecting the internal and external spaces without barrier or interruption in sight lines or for movement.

In contrast to French doors or sliding patio doors, bifold doors have almost no visible framework or clutter on your back wall when they are opened. There is also no need to prop open a door to keep the space between the internal room and outside freely connected. So bifold doors make it easier when you are entertaining guests or enjoying a meal with your family on your patio, and need to do things like taking food and drink through from inside your home to enjoy on the patio.

Bifold doors are especially good option adding to a smaller room when you want to install patio doors. You can choose bifold doors designed to have minimal framework so that even when they are closed they create the appearance of an open wall on one side of your room. This helps to give your room a modern, minimalist look. 

Bifold doors can be easily screened when you want to create a darker environment inside your room, or to give yourself privacy. Popular methods include fitting full length curtains, or venetian blinds, or placing removable screens or shades in front of the bifold doors. If you choose bifold doors you can have the benefits of openness and light while retaining the option of privacy and darkness when you choose.

Our Range

Modern materials mean that bifold doors can be as stong as other types of patio doors, and can have all of the security features of a standard door. Modern bifold doors from the Building Supplies Online range can offer the same security and resistance to potential intruders as a standard door.

Our modern bifold doors also offer the same insulation and draught proofing as other patio doors, so they provide the same level of insulation to your home and can help keep your heating costs economical.

Our bifold doors include all of the frame work and doors that you will need so they can be quickly and easily installed by a skilled trades person. Bifold doors are an increasingly affordable, convenient, secure, and economical option for when you want to install or replace patio doors.

Our range of bifold doors includes products from the trusted JCI and LPD brands. We have options in aluminium and timber to give a choice of modern or traditional looks for your home. Our range allows you to choose bifold doors with between two to six leaves This includes all kinds of configurations of the number of leaves opening to one or each side. They are also available in options that open to the left or to the right. We offer bifold doors in a variety of colour finishes so you will be able to match your bifold doors to your existing style and decoration.

Our range also includes bifold doors configurations with the first leaf like a conventional door and the remaining leaves opening in the normal sliding fashion. This type of bifold door allows you the best of both worlds. It has quick, easy access between inside and outside spaces that you might want for everyday things; but it also has the option of creating the complete connection with the outdoor space when you want to entertain on your patio or spend the whole day enjoying the outdoor space in good weather.

We have great value bifold doors at a range of competitive price points. So you are sure to find the right bifold doors for your home when you want to install or replace your patio doors.

Making a Choice

Aluminium Bifold doors are perfect for both traditional and modern exterior homes, providing you with a striking entrance to your property. Bifold doors effortlessly allow light to flood into your home, making your interior space and room instantly feel brighter and bigger.

Should your interior walls be painted in neutral tones this will increase that wonderful feeling of space twofold. At Building Supplies Online we offer 3, 4, and 6 panel bifold doors. All our bifold doors feature a runner system, allowing you to open and close your doors with ease.

In our personal opinion a modern aluminium bifold door with a stunning contemporary design cannot be matched for impact by anything else. All our bifold doors are constructed from legally sourced wood that is has a FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council ®) certification.

At Building Supplies Online we have a great number of options for you to ponder and deliberate over. You can purchase our cheap wooden bifold doors unfinished. There are also a glazed and unglazed options, should you require it. We stock LPD Doors and XL Joinery door brands.

Our most affordable bifold doors starts at £1,895 providing superior quality.

When planning your door installation, take a look at our guide on standard door sizesto make sure you are ordering the correct bifold If you would like additional information regarding our range of bifold doors do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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