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Are you bored of your garden and want to add something different to it or some style well we can help you here! Decking is an excellent addition to your garden transforming any space outside, whether it’s a small or a large space to work with we can cater for all.

Our Decking range is supplied by numerous well known brands for example Forest Garden being one of them. Just by selecting one of our Decking’s from our large range it can create a wonderful outside area to socialise in with family and friends especially in the summer when entertaining guests.

All of our different types of finished wooden Decking products from our exclusive range are fully covered and protected for the different diverse weather conditions that they may face through all of the seasons.

Another leading supplier that works with us and provides us with excellent Decking is called SCA, they are very well known to be a high standard brand all over Europe. They supply us with a lot of high-quality decking that you can see here on our website.

Why Choose our Decking?

There are a number reasons to why you should choose our decking when thinking of transforming your garden:

  • Decking is the ideal choice when you want to transform your garden or decorate it making it stand out by giving it the ‘wow’ factor whether it’s a large garden or a small one it works for both. You can create a beautiful space for al-fresco dinning and socialising with friends and family.
  • We have a variety of different decking boards to choose from leaving you with many different options and styles to choose from to kit out your garden and create your own design or look.
  • The timber decking can give you a natural look and warmth and is known to not warp like some other brands or materials can.
  •  For our decking we use high-quality redwood pine which is known to have cheaper labour costs and installations. It’s easy to work with and can be cut or shaped however you want. They are less prone to decay and insects.
  • The decking is created so the material is non-slip when walking on it in wet conditions preventing any slip, trips or falls so it’s safe all year round. 
  • It is low maintenance and is inexpensive meaning it is a must for your garden.
  • The options of decking styles are endless you can have decking attached to your house with steps, or in the garden separate all depending on what you prefer. Also you can create sun roofs attached to your decking the choices are really endless.
  • The decking can even be around pools, hot tubs and water features.
  • Our decking are all treated before with TANALITH preservatives ensuring it lasts for a long duration of time with little up keep, keeping it easy for you to maintain and is protected against insects.
  • It’s the perfect choice for when you have awkward levels or spaces that are left unused, decking is the right fit to resolve this problem.
  • Decking is also a future investment as will add some extra value to your property if you eventually sell it with low maintenance it’s a necessity.
  • It is also easy to install with the help of DIY and garden enthusiasts and all supplies and tools needed online for you here at Building Supplies Online.

How to Choose your Decking?

At Building Supplies Online we make it easy for you by providing you with an extensive range too choose from, from high end to low end but all of good quality no matter what you choose it all depends on what best suits you and your garden.

The different types of Decking board range is value timber deck boards, premium timber deck boards, composite decking, composite fascia boards, and finally composite fixings. We can confidently say at Building Supplies Online we only provide you with the highest quality products and all SCA decking is produced from only sustainable sources.

Here at Building Supplies Online our deck tiles are created from the finest redwood pine. We choose high-quality redwood pine for our decking boards as it tends to have a slow growth rate which in the end creates strong and stable boards that have a long lifespan.

On top of this to maximise the life of your decking all are treated with preservatives to help minimise and prevent wood decay and also insect attacks. We have all the supplies and tools needed to help you design your ideal garden to make it easier for you.

Our Range of Decking

Decking is the ideal choice that completely helps you to transform any space providing your garden with effortless style! So what are you waiting for choose your decking today to really enjoy those summer months outside!

Transform your outdoors with our extensive Decking range supplied by leading brands such as Forest Garden. You can create the ultimate outdoor living space with decking.

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Decking Range Offer

  1. Image for Forest Patio Deck Tile - 60x60cm - Pack of 4
    Forest Patio Deck Tile - 60x60cm - Pack of 4
  2. Image for Forest Patio Deck Tile - 90x90cm - Pack of 4
    Forest Patio Deck Tile - 90x90cm - Pack of 4
  3. Image for Forest Deck Joist - Pack of 5
    Forest Deck Joist - Pack of 5
  4. Image for Forest Easy Deck Bearer - 2.4m - Pack of 10
    Forest Easy Deck Bearer - 2.4m - Pack of 10
  5. Cladco Composite Decking Board (Hollow) 150mm x 25mm x 4m - All Colours
    Cladco Composite Decking Board (Hollow) 150mm x 25mm x 4m - All Colours
  6. Cladco Composite Decking Board (Hollow) 150mm x 25mm x 2.4m - All Colours
    Cladco Composite Decking Board (Hollow) 150mm x 25mm x 2.4m - All Colours