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We offer an impressive range of insulation from industry leading brand Kingspan.

Who are Kingspan?

Kingspan are one of the leading suppliers of premium performance insulation in the UK. They started over 50 years ago and provide products for any building requirement you may have, whether it be a domestic or commercial project.

What is Kingspan Insulation?

Kingspan Insulation is a brand of insulation. As stated above, they are one of the UK's leaders in insulation products. They offer a variety of insulation boards to fit many purposes.

What do they Offer?

Kingspan manufacture products in a variety of sizes so there is a product for any size room. Naturally the products you choose depend on the room you are installing it in. They often vary in material, cost-effectiveness and thermal performance.

Their Thermawall, Thermafloor and Thermaroof ranges provide insulated panels for your required space. These panels prevent heat loss and work as a barrier against rain and moisture to prevent mould growth and condensation.

Kingspan insulation panels provide 15% increased warmth and are available in different thicknesses to provide different levels of thermal conductivity. When the panels are used in conjunction with Kingspan Thermabate, they provide the top possible insulation result. Thermabate maintains a continuous insulated cavity around window and door openings so little to no heat can escape. All of their panels are easy to handle and install.


  • The panels are known for their high compressive durability
  • They offer excellent thermal ability compared to other brands
  • They offer great resistance to moisture
  • As they’re made up of high-quality phenolic foam, they have low environmental impact
  • They provide great resistance to fire and prevent the spread of flames

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