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Bradstone Garden Walling Range

Bradstone bricks and bradstone walling blocks allow you to get creativewith your garden design.

Whether you are looking to create a linear, formal style garden or are looking for flowing, round lines, you can create any look with Bradstone walling blocks. Bradstone walling comes in a variety of colours from soft grey tones to natural sand and buff shades that will blend well with foliage and make your garden feel calm and serene.

Choosing you Bradstone Garden Walling

When you want to add structure to your garden bradstone bricks and bradstone walling blocks will help you create the perfect layout. Use pitched bradstone garden walling to create various zones in your garden. You can use bradstone garden walling to separate your vegetable patch from your flower beds, create a raised border with an elegant border made out of bradstone bricks or use it with rustic paving to create the look of a cottage garden.

Various uses for Bradstone Walling Blocks

You can use bradstone garden walling to build walls in a popular drywall look. You can also use them as step risers to create several levels or connect your garden to your patio with the same kinds of materials for a unified look. You can use bradstone walling blocks to create an area with increased privacy, for example if you are thinking of installing a pool or a hot tub. Use screenwall blocks made of bradstone bricks combined with a boxwood hedge to give a water feature a more formal feel reminiscent of stately homes. No matter which way you decide to use bradstone walling you will see that is a versatile building material that will allow you to get creative with your garden design. Please get in contact with our customer service if you have questions about purchasing bradstone bricks.

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