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Maybe it is time to renovate your garden, and you want to completely change the aesthetic that you currently have.

Maybe, you’re a commercial business looking to buy bulk amounts of wood paint. Maybe the last time you’re home was painted was before you moved in, so maybe it is time to revamp the look and finally make your home your own.

Our Range of Wood Paint

  • Whoever you are, the range of wood paint we have on our website is so extensive, that there will definitely be a wood paint perfect for you. With over 100 different wood paints, you can find anything that you may need to make your space your own and transform your home. These paints can be used if you’re creating a feature wall, painting your fences, restoring furniture or decking, and for many more uses.
  • The DIY aspect of wood paint eases your experience of repainting your home or furniture, as our quick delivery and easy use means that as soon as you order your paint, you can receive it and start painting straight away in whichever way suits you. Most of our paint has an as easy one-coat application with non-drip formula, with some paints potentially needing two coats in order to have the colour come through fully.

By investing in wood paint from our website, you are minimising purchases in the long-run or the expense of hiring someone to do it for you.

Why Use Wood Paint

All of our wood paint has a low odour so as to not irritate neighbours, family members, or yourself when doing the paint job, as well as being safe to use around pets and plants. The wood paint is also weather resistant so is suitable for all seasons, climates and exposure to elements.

All of the paints on offer on our website have a rich and lasting colour so you can be ensured that just one paint job will transform your wooden piece, but maintains some of the natural texture of the surface to still come through. The wood will be showerproof in just one hour, with a quick and efficient dry promised. All of the wood paints offer varying guarantees, but all have in common several years of protection promised.

Many of the paints can also be applied to other materials and surfaces, such as terracotta, stone and brick, making many of the wood paints highly versatile investments to make at a low price, making it the perfect choice for both home owners and those who are buying commercially in bulk.

There are particular paints aimed at both colour restoration and water restoration so you can find one to target your particular issue.

Benefits of Using Wood Paint

  • All natural woods are prone to rotting when left outdoors for prolonged periods of time, due to the continual exposure to the elements.
  • Rotting not only ruins the aesthetic of your wooden piece, but it becomes more viable to collapsing and/or breakages.
  • By painting, staining and finishing your wood furniture, you can help avoid this issue of rotting if you do it soon enough, meaning your wooden pieces will look more visually pleasing, and will be stronger and therefore more durable.
  • Painting wood can give it a completely new look.
  • You can do away with drab browns and greys that have seen their best days already, and instead you can replace it with new, bright and shining colours to improve the aesthetic back to its original look, or a whole new look altogether to go with the rest of your home or with current trends.
  • You’ll find that when applied properly, it is not prone to peeling or chipping, meaning it will keep its sleek and neat look for years to come.
  • It is easy to do by yourself, meaning you can save money on not hiring an external worker to do it for you.

Buying your Wood Paint

If you are looking to buy some wood paint from Building Supplies Online, you can find the perfect one by looking through the options and reading the descriptions, which will give you all the information you need to make an educated decision that best suits you.

All wood paint products are from reputable brands to ensure you of the quality of service you can get, at low prices, with the offer of 2-3 delivery on all products. Whatever your budget is, we can promise that you will find a product in your price range that will still meet these high standards expected from every product on our website. Combining this with long guarantees of how long the product will last, this is the best place to get your wood paint and leave happily.

If all of this information is appealing to you, you can head over to our websites at Building Supplies Online to find out more about our products.

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