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We provide the highest quality of deck cleaners available on the market, our deck cleaners are fast acting and can cut through anything threatening to stain your deck.

Our Range of Deck Cleaners

Our range of deck cleaners provide you the ability to clean your deck with no necessity for scrubbing, and cleans everything including, mold, algae and even moss! As well as mold, algae and moss being responsible for slips and trips, and penetrating the wood of your deck, it can cause a number of other health issues for you.

So, as well as protecting your deck and the environment, with using deck cleaner, you will be protecting your family. Don’t leave your deck gathering up dirt and grime throughout those winter months! Keep and maintain it with the appropriate deck cleaner in order to prolong its life as well as go into those summer months with the best and cleanest deck around!

Choosing your Deck Cleaner

Our deck cleaner range, offers a large variety of amazing benefits, for one our deck cleaners are DIY, easy to use and eliminate all kind of the usual stress that comes with cleaning your deck with anything other than our amazing deck cleaner, for example, there is no need to hire someone to come and do it for you, as well as preventing the dirt from getting too much or weeds overgrowing and ruining your contemporary and neat atmosphere you initially wanted when first placing your deck.

On top of all that, it increases your decks coat adhesion!

Benefits of Using Deck Cleaner

  • There are so many benefits to using the deck cleaner we have here in our range.
  • I brings your old deck back to life, restoring it to its original beauty, after a long period of time, our decks will start to lose their initial vibrancy and life.
  • This is due to the rays of sunlight penetrating the wood and discolouring it to a washed out grey colour, and striping back any primer or sealant you may have initially put on it to protect the wood.
  • Deck cleaner can help restore that grey dingy colour back to its vibrant self!
  • It also protects the deck from rain, as rain can penetrate the wood causing it to rot, therefor using deck cleaner will prolong the lifespan of your deck, saving you loads of money on restoration.

If this isn’t enough reason to buy our deck cleaner for your deck cleaning needs, other benefits include;

  • A cleaner healthier deck will increase your property value if you are a homeowner
  • The initial reason for many people to purchase a deck is to drive up the properties price, this is no good if you let the deck get dingy and grey, so purchasing deck cleaner will keep your properties value high!
  • As well as this, it is a more sustainable and eco -friendly way of keeping your deck clean, and can create a slip resistant effect on your deck, preventing anyone from falling over and sliding on the surface of your deck.
  • Using deck cleaner also proves to be less work for you! As there is no scrubbing necessary!
  • Deck cleaner has been proven to provide higher quality results than any other form of cleaning your deck, so there really is no other choice, and it’s cheaper!

So, when you are next in need of cleaning your deck, and wish to maintain your decks value and quality, as well as avoid the embarrassment of having people round to a dingy deck barbecue, then purchase your deck cleaner here today and save money, protect your deck, and enjoy the many benefits of a long life span, vibrant and beautiful deck!

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  1. Lithofin Easy Care - All Sizes
    Lithofin Easy Care - All Sizes
  2. Lithofin Wax Off - All Sizes
    Lithofin Wax Off - All Sizes
  3. Owatrol Composite Decking Cleaner x 2.5 Litres
    Owatrol Composite Decking Cleaner x 2.5 Litres
  4. Owatrol Composite Decking Colour Restorer x 2.5 Litres - All Colours
    Owatrol Composite Decking Colour Restorer x 2.5 Litres - All Colours
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