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If you are looking for some new wood oils, Building Supplies Online offer a vast selection of decking and furniture wood oils, depending on what you need.

What are Wood Oils?

Wood oils are popular among consumers who are looking to finish off their furniture or decking with a beautiful varnished look, providing a new and aesthetic look. The translucent nature of the oil means that the natural marks from the wood are left for a more rustic feel.

On our website we have two brands of wood oil available, these being Cuprinol and Ronseal.

  • Cuprinol are renown for garden products and ensure a high quality of the products that they sell, as they believe that the garden is an extension of your home to enjoy.
  • Ronseal who provide home and garden products encourage the DIY accessibility of their products, meaning that everything is easily doable by a homeowner.

Maybe you are a gardener and you have been employed to renovate a garden? Maybe you are a homeowner in search of ways to make your garden look new and fresh? Whoever you are, we have the perfect range of products for you.

Why Choose Wood Oils?

  • By using wood oils, this is a cheap way of renovating your garden to make your wood structures look fresh and new, with a varnished finish.
  • With products ranging from £4 to £18, there is a variety of prices available for you to choose from.
  • The DIY nature of this product means that you do not need to hire someone to do it for you, and it is straightforward to coat your decking in oil.
  • When the oil is completely set and ready, it is creating a coat similar to the characteristics of plastic, which provides a protective and hard wearing seal.
  • The aesthetic appeal of wood oils is one that will encourage your purchase.
  • This avoids painting or bleaching the wood, and the oil embraces the natural markings to create a beautiful yet transparent finish.
  • The use of wood oils always can come as a safety precaution.
  • Once applied, there is no chance of you, your friends or your family getting splinters from the wooden panels.
  • Especially with young children with no shoes, this provides a level of protection.
  • Many of the products will provide a layer of UV light protection, meaning that the colour will not fade over time in the sunlight.
  • The layer of oil provides a waterproof layer, avoiding water damage to the wood, as the oil is impermeable so the liquid would be easily cleaned with no long lasting trouble.
  • The layer of oil also stops the wood from cracking, peeling or flaking away from the surface of the wooden panels.

Our Range of Wood Oils

Our wood oils come in a selection of cheaper and more expensive options, so whatever your requirements are we can meet them. Through using the natural aesthetic of the wood, the final product after using the wood oils has a number of benefits that make this a beneficial investment.

Not only do you gain the aesthetic benefits of a wood oil coating, but there are a number of practical benefits that can enhance the lifespan of your wooden decking or furniture.

Depending on the structure you are looking to coat in wood oil, any aesthetic would be brightened by the use of oil. This selection has every option you would want for a DIY wood oil. Head over to Building Supplies Online for more information about the specific oils we provide. 

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