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Furniture Restoration

BSO offers two different types of garden furniture paint to restore your furniture to make them look brand new.

Our Range of Garden Furniture Paint

When you’re garden furniture is starting to look a bit worn, instead of considering spending large quantities of money on replacing the furniture altogether, you can make your garden equipment into a practically new product with just a new paint job, making it look fresh and crisp.

Both products on our website are supplied by Ronseal, who aim to provide products that improve both DIY efficiencies and reduce those everyday stressors associated with furniture restoration.

  • They value high-performance, which means long-lasting finishes and completed tasks that are durable. To apply furniture restorer of any kind is easy and fuss-free, and can be done by anyone, making it a pleasant and efficient job like any other paint job.
  • Once the furniture restorer has dried, the applied to piece of furniture or decking will look brand new, and a preserving finish can be used to ensure this look lasts for a long time. Both options available for garden furniture paint can bring back natural and original look, and colour of garden furniture or decking to greyed and weathered wood in just one coating.
  • The garden furniture paint has low levels of odour, and are pet and plant friendly during application so there is nothing about the process that may be concerning to any homeowner. It is usually advised that the garden furniture restoration paint should be applied in dry weather of over 10 degrees in temperature to get the best finish.

Ronseal’s Decking Restorer will work to restore old decking that has started to show its use over time, bringing back colour, brightness, and style to return it to how it once was.

  • The non-acidic formula is used in the restorer that will show results in just 15 minutes, indicating that this product is fast working and productive.
  • Ronseal garden furniture restorer is also an excellent option for preparing hardwood furniture before a stain or oil coating.
  • After this, the stan or oil treatment will help to contain the natural colour that has been revived, making sure that your furniture looks bright and healthy.

Why Should you Use Garden Furniture Restoration Paint?

You can avoid having to purchase a whole new piece of furniture or avoid having to redo your decking due to a feeling that it looks old. Just one coat does the trick!

You’ll have plenty of wood restorer paint to cover all of your required areas.

  • A difference can be seen in only one layer, making it an effective product that will save you both time and money.
  • The wood furniture paint restorer is cost efficient, with both options being under £20, meaning that you can buy in bulk to redo your whole garden if necessary and not worry about high costs.
  • Using garden furniture paint and refinishing is better for the environment, as it releases less carbon than having a new product manufactured — this is an eco-friendly option for those who are trying to reduce their impact on the environment
  • Maximum of two coats will be necessary for any area or piece of furniture, making it an easy and quick feet.
  • You can create a whole new style with your furniture without having to fork out the money for entirely new stuff. Using garden furniture paint will give the piece mentioned above a new life, look and style.
  • Restoring old and knackered pieces of furniture or decking to their initial factory look increases their value.

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