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Paint Stripper For Wood

Do you need to re-paint your decking or wood or are there some annoying stains you want to get rid of, well we have the right solution here for you with our Paint stripper for wood by Ronseal. It tackles hard stains but also will let you completely clear you’re wood or decking to add a new coat of paint or paint it a completely different colour.

The paint stripper for wood can tackle paint, oils and even stains!

How to Choose your Paint Stripper for Wood?

Here on our website, we have two different types of wood strippers by Ronseal to choose from to help you get your decking looking brand new again or even your garden furniture! Firstly we have the stripper for wooden garden furniture only by Ronseal.

This stripper is fantastic as it only takes up to thirty minutes to work on those nasty stains, oils or paint you name it, it can do it in just only one coat.

We can also assure you that this product doesn’t cause any blister or fizz reactions. Then we have our other Ronseal product which is the decking stripper which is suitable on any types of timber decking and again fast acting and easy to use.

This decking stripper can be applied when the decking is damp but not if it is soaking wet and some stubborn stains may need an extra coat. The labour in stripping your decking is entirely worth the results for a fantastic looking garden! So we have two wood paint strippers to choose from depending on the project you are working on.

Why should you choose our Ronseal paint stripper for wood?

  • There are various reasons why you should choose Ronseal as your paint stripper:
  • Its a quick and easy application to use only one coat needs to be applied
  • Works on wooden Garden furniture and any timber decking
  • High quality as Ronseal are always looking for ways to improve their current products
  • Long lasting doesn’t need to be retouched for ages as it maintains well
  • Works on a lot of different oils, paints and stains
  • It’s an Inexpensive product that will keep your furniture and decking looking brand new

Why Ronseal Paint Stripper for Wood?

We have decided to use Ronseal products due to the fact of the constant extensive research they do to ensure their products provide you with the best possible results and also because of how well known they are. They are frequently improving all of their products and value only high quality which is why we trust them to be the best paint strippers for wood available on the market.

As well as their constant research and development of the products, they are long lasting and quick and easy to use in just only thirty minutes! The Paint stripper for wood works by you applying one coat and after leaving it to soak in for a while then to finish scrub it off and your decking or furniture should look brand new in no time! These paint strippers for wood are ideal as after having to do this once you do not have to do it for a while as it restores your wood for a long time meaning you also save yourself a lot of valuable time!

So if you’re thinking of updating any wooden garden furniture or decking, then you know where to come with our easy to use, and long lasting and effective paint stripper for wood buy it now and invest in a sleek finished garden!

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