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Explore our range of garden trellis and trellis panels from industry leader Forest Garden

A  Garden Trellis is a great easy and stylish way to enhance the appearance of any outdoor environment.

What is a Garden Trellis?

A Garden Trellis is an architectural feature, typically made from lattice or intersecting pieces of wood, metal and bamboo to display and support climbing plants and shrubs. 

Our range of Garden Trellis can be sold in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles, such as Lattice or traditional Garden Trellis options, and they can have many different uses. Garden Trellis Panels can offer style, security and a great way to section off your garden.

Trellis Panels can add style and interest to the top of any wood fencing, and Lattice Panels would add an even more diverse look. Alternatively a lattice fence panels wall panel is a great and attractive way to support your wall climbing plants, as the plants or flowers will grow and intertwine around the trellis panels or they can even be used to section off areas of your garden. For example, if you store your bins in the garden, Trellis Panels can be used to hide away these bins, unsightly sheds or large composts piles.

Choosing your Garden Trellis Panel

A lattice panel comes in an outstanding number of different designs, from large squared Trellis Panels which are very stylish but do not offer so much in the way of privacy, to Trellis Panels which are attached to the walls, or fences, and the popular Lattice style panels. Lattice is a popular design shape, and describes the way in which the wood crosses over itself. You can pick a more traditional trellis panels, or a Lattice fence panels which is gaining in popularity, shop our Lattice Panels now. If you are looking for something to support your climbing plants or vegetable patches, but do not have the space or means to install traditional Garden Trellis Panels, then a freestanding Garden Trellis could be for you. A freestanding Garden Trellis is unique yet practical as it will aid to support your plants as they grow bigger.

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