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General Appliance Extraction Vents

At BSO we have a huge range of general appliance extraction vents.

Extractor Vents allow ventilation to an insulated area stopping any moisture build-up which in return can weaken the structure of a home. Extracting moisture and warm air from a home creates great temperature control and stops future problems arising from poor ventilation. From poor ventilation comes bad airflow creating a number of discomforts. Stale air, condensation, bad odours, mould, health risks and structural damages are only some problems that arise from lack of ventilation. By inserting some cheap extraction vents all these problems will be avoided preserving the structure and saving heaps of money.

Our Range Of General Appliance Extraction Vents 

The general appliance extraction vents range is available in a vast variety of shapes, colours, and sizes, fulfilling an array of specifications. You can choose from a core ventilator, underfloor vent, air brick or accessories to accompany installation of extraction vents. Manufactured by industry leading brands Manthorpe and Hambleside Danelaw, we can assure all products are finished to the highest possible quaility. 

Manthorpe Core ventilators are slotted into a hole in the wall that can be made using a core drill. The core ventilator comes with a cowl vent for external use, an internal louvre grill, a pipe duct and an anti-draught baffle which is an optional addition. The cowl vent helps to decrease noise and light whilst minimizing draughts and guarding against rain. The internal louvre grill acts as a similar barrier to the cowl vent but is placed on the inside of the wall. The optional baffle is to reduce draught further but is not a necessity. The core ventilators are available in 3 colours to match your wall.

The Manthorpe telescopic underfloor ventilator and dual extended underfloor vent provide ventilation beneath an insulated suspended floor. If you have a suspended floor, underfloor ventilation is very much needed. The dual extended underfloor vent can reach underground by 5 and 8 bricks and is the longer of the two. The telescopic underfloor ventilator can reach between 3 and 5 bricks, however, the extension sleeve can extend the length of a telescopic ventilator if needed.

Manthorpe air brick is a brick-shaped polypropylene vent that provides ventilation in cavity walls and underfloor voids. The brick is built with a mortar key to ensuring it can be securely fixed int the wall and a front mounted grille to deflect water. Available in variety of colours and sizes to accompany to different specifications.

Other accessories are available to purchase which compliment the extraction vents and offer support where needed. Shop our range of general appliance extraction vents to discover more.

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