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One of the most versatile construction materials available is concrete. Cement Dye is a great way to create Coloured Concrete, which enables you to use concrete in even more versatile ways, by exploring even more decorative options.

What is Cement Dye?

It can be used to create a Concrete Stain which will add a unique flair to any building project. Using Cement Dye to create Concrete Stain has been an existing design technique for many years now. Mortar Dye are usually used to create a Concrete Stain in two ways. The first method is to brush a dry pigment across the cement once it has been laid to achieve a Concrete Stain, or the second method is by mixing the liquid or dry Cement Dye into the concrete before it has been poured.

The method that you use to achieve your Coloured Concrete will vary depending on the design outcome you are looking to achieve. The brushing of dry pigment is easier to do, but may result in the concrete being chipped more easily and the dye being less durable, meanwhile the second method of mixing the Cement Dye is a bit more difficult to do but will ensure the best result for your Concrete Stain. There are many benefits to Coloured Concrete, the four main benefits are durability,flexibility, colour consistency and fade resistance.

Concrete is already a durable material, but adding Cement Dye means that your coloured flooring will require little maintenance for many years to come. As Coloured Concrete can be moulded, it can be used to create a number of designs in a lot of different textures, so that you can achieve practically any design. Mortar Dye comes in a vast range of vibrant colours, and a Concrete Stain is permanent, so you will not have to worry about recolouring your surfaces.

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