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Floor Levelling Compounds

Floor levelling compound is also known as a self-levelling compound that can be used over concrete, screed or wood flooring.

What is Floor Levelling Compound?

It is important to have a smooth surface for laying flooring otherwise flooring can crack or marks can show through. Ever Build floor levelling compound works by smoothing the floor and filling any dips or holes ready for laying floor coverings such as lino, tiling and wood floors. Floor levelling compound is a cement based product that is fluid on application but will dry and harden into a perfectly smooth surface.

Choosing your Floor Levelling Compound

Cromar Liquid latex can be added to the floor levelling compound to aid flexibility and avoid cracking. Ever Build floor levelling compound contains latex similar to Cromar liquid latex built into the product, saving you from having to buy separate Cromar liquid latex. Ever Build Floor levelling compound typically takes a couple of hours to set and be walkable, then around eight hours after laying the compound you will be able to go ahead with whatever floor covering you have planned. Ever Build floor levelling compound and mixes with Cromar liquid latex added to them are quick drying.

Also, they have a fairly thick soupy consistency, so are easy to pour onto the area required. The Ever Build floor levelling compound will then flow into the prepared area and level out without the need to spread the mixture. Cromar liquid latex helps to add moisture repellency to the finished surface and the addition of liquid latex like Cromar or a combined product like Ever Build floor levelling compound means that any bubbles that appear when laying the mixture will disperse and leave a really smooth finish.

Cromar liquid latex also gives a slightly longer working time to the floor levelling compound, which can help if you have a larger size area to cover. Some Ever Build floor levelling compound products and Cromar products can even be used on a floor that has underfloor heating.

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