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Here at Building Supplies Online, we supply a range of Aggregates supplied buy Tarmac Building Products. Our Aggregates include Sub-Base Building Aggregate, Building Aggregate, Gravel Building Aggregate, Ballast Building Aggregate, and two types of Macadam Aggregate.

This range of Aggregates covers some of the most popular brands and types of aggregates. Our supplier, Tarmac Building Products, is one of the leading UK manufacturers building materials and also considered one of the most sustainable construction solutions business. As a company, Tarmac Building Products aims to be the customers preferred choice for sustainable construction solutions, and they consider this ethos when supplying their aggregates.

When are aggregates useful? 

Aggregates are quite diverse and you can often find a use for them on any building site. Aggregates are quite often mixed with concrete mixes. This keeps cement costs down and also helps prevent cracking which is often seen in concrete. Aggregates are also used to line railroads. Aggregates help carry the load of the train and also prove useful for water drainage. They are also useful when improving your home. Aggregate can fill in voids around the foundation of homes and protect underground pipes that are located under the household. One of the most popular uses for Aggregates is roadwork. You can use Aggregates to repair/fill in potholes. Around 30,000 tons of aggregate would be needed to build one mile of a four-lane highway. Aggregate can be incorporated into garden projects to create drainage. This can improve plant life and also make your garden aesthetically pleasing. Aggregates can also be used when crafting bricks for construction. The aggregate makes the bricks stronger, which helps the project has a longer life. Crushed limestone (another type of aggregate) is used at big power plants to decrease their effect on the environment. It is clear that aggregates do have a lot of uses, and can benefit you in many ways, it's just about picking the right one!

Our Range of Aggregates 

Our range of Aggregates have been carefully selected to cover all possible uses for aggregates. We offer MOT Type 1 Sub Base Aggregate, Grano Dust Aggregate, Gravel Building Aggregate, Sand and Stone Ballast Building Aggregate, Cold Lay Macadam and Pothole Macadam. Similar to the section regarding when aggregates are useful, these aggregates are useful for many different projects. Our pothole Aggregate can do what it says in the name. Perfect for repairing your driveway, this pothole aggregate will create a smooth surface to create a level driveway. Our Grano Dust Aggregate is designed to be mixed in with a cement mixture to make a finer concrete finish. If you place this on top of a new concrete surface and polish it gives a tough finish. Our MOT Type 1 Aggregate is designed for driveways and paths. When compact, the crushed 40mm aggregate is turned into dust making for excellent load-bearing properties. Our Gravel Building Aggregate is crafted for the sole purpose of construction. It is perfect for drainage and making concrete. The benefits of using this 10mm aggregate are that it is perfect for pipe bedding or concrete mixes. Our Ballast aggregate is a mixture of sharp sand and gravel. It is perfect for mixing concrete but it can also be used as bedding for drain pipes and as a sub base.

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