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Here at Building Supplies Online, we are committed to offering you the best products on the market. Ranging from indoors to outdoors we strive to stay true to this philosophy. Our concrete category offers you some of the best forms of concrete on the market at a great value.

Supplied by Tarmac Building Products these products are quality controlled and tested to give you the best product for your money. It is a common stereotype that concrete should only be used on big building sites to help build big projects but that is not the case. Concrete has endless possibilities you just have to get a little bit creative! We offer both post mixed and multi-purpose concrete to give you an easy shopping and DIY experience.

What can I use concrete for?

Concrete actually has a lot of uses it just means you need to be a bit creative. Along with conventional ideas of wall treatment or flooring, you can use concrete for many other unique projects. For example, you could use concrete to make a countertop in your kitchen. Not a challenge to be taken lightly, making a concrete countertop can be a two person job and is definitely worth researching first. However, the finished project can often add a traditional and rustic ambiance to your kitchen or bathroom, as well as being a masterpiece of the room. Concrete countertops are a popular choice and you can find hundreds of tutorials on how to go about crafting one. Concrete is easy to paint. If you have a room with a concrete floor such as a basement or bathroom and you want to bring it to life consider painting it. Concrete takes well to paint and you can turn grey into a wonderful bright colour. Concrete sinks are becoming more popular on the market as they offer a sturdy long lasting reliable product. A concrete fireplace can bring a rustic and warm ambiance to any room in and out of use. Even if you don't fancy a rustic looking fireplace, concrete can be used to craft a modern looking fireplace all the same. With a clean and simplistic looking fireplace, it will look uncluttered and sleek all at once. Consider a concrete fire pit outside as well for those long winter nights. Outdoor furniture can also be crafted by using Concrete and is a permanent addition to your garden. Concrete takes well to adverse weather conditions which means it is a reliable material to craft your garden furniture out of. A common misconception is that concrete costs an arm and a leg to buy, but this is simply not the case. Concrete is definitely not the cheapest of materials however here at Building Supplies Online, we strive to give you the best possible pricing for your product. Browse our full range of concrete to get a feel of our products on offer and our pricing.

Our suppliers

 Our concrete is supplied by Tarmac Building Products and Hanson. Tarmac Building Products are one of the UK's leading and reliable building materials suppliers. They have been producing concrete for over 100 years and with this comes experience. They have focused on improving their products through innovative designs to bring you the highest-quality products, and this is visible in their concrete.

Which concrete is best?

When it comes to concrete, applying it is rather permanent. A question we get a lot is which concrete is the best. It is always worth considering the job you are doing. Whether its for foundations, or near heat, or exposed to water. All of these variables will have an affect on the concrete over time so it is best to choose a concrete mix which is resistant to these exposures. Here at Building Supplies Online, we offer multi purpose concrete. This type of concrete is suitable for all jobs to an extent, hence the name multi-purpose. Multi-purpose concrete is suitable for making steps, paths & ramps. It is also useful for setting fence posts, wall foundations, concrete bases for sheds and also filling holes in concrete floors. Our Multi-purpose concrete mix from Tarmac is premixed and only requires the mixture of clean water. This concrete is designed for smaller jobs however can still be used for a wide range of applications. When considering using any of our concrete it is always best to check the manufacturer's product data sheet. This is avalable on their website or you can inquire through our live chat and/or emails to get a copy.

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