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Sand is seen all around the globe because of its diversity and variety of uses. From beaches to road construction, sand is such a small item but plays a massive part in our world today.

What can I use sand for?

In the building and construction industry, sand is mainly used for strengthening builds. Sand can be used by adding it to a mixture (such as a concrete mixture) in an attempt to strengthen the compound and its end product. This has a knock on an effect similar to aggregates, as it lengthens the life of the product made, and the building constructed by the product. However, the use of sand does not stop there. Sand can be used in the winter to add grip to roads and surfaces, an extra bit of added safety to walkways as well. This is a clear benefit of this product as it can help make areas less prone to having accidents. Especially areas where there is normally a heavy amount of ice. One of the biggest uses of sand is the crafting of glass. It is weird to think that sand can be used to craft glass, in fact, it almost seems impossible at first, but that is not the case. Glass is made from liquid sand. Sand which is made into glass has to be heated up to a temperature of 1700°C. Sand is mainly made up of silicon dioxide, meaning when it is heated to the right temperature, it forms a liquid. Then the sand is poured into a mold and once it sets, it will be glass.

Stepping away from construction, sand can be useful for domestic use. Sand can also be used in between paving stones to create a smooth and professional looking path. Have you ever considered a zen garden? They are a popular trend and it is understandable why. They create a calm and relaxing ambiance in part of your garden where you can go for a quiet time in the day. Our play sand is perfect for a hot summers day where children can create their own beach in your back garden, or even use it in a sand pit. Consider our play sand for sports activities as well. Events like long jump use sand pits and our play sand are perfect for filling or topping up those sand pits. Our play sand can also be used to cushion play areas in general. It is perfect for layering the area around slides and swings. In the unfortunate event of someone falling from the slide or swing their fall will be cushioned slightly. Sand has been proven to actually decrease the risk of injury more than wood chips. Sand is also perfect for getting rid of oil spillages. If you often have spillages in your garage, keep a supply of sand nearby. If you sprinkle a generous amount of sand on the spillage and let it soak in, you can just sweep away the mess afterward. Similar to this, sand is also good for quickly dousing grease fires. Keep sand nearby your charcoal grill or BBQ to help in the unlikely event of a flare-up. Play sand is washed, safe and non-toxic.

Our full range of Sand

Our range of sand includes Plastering Sand, Building Sand, Play Sand, Dried Paving Sand and Weed free Paving Sand. Plastering Sand is a finer grade of sand. The premise behind this sand is to use it in plastering, screeding and rendering projects. Our building sand is perfect for bricklaying, pointing applications and general building. When this sand is mixed with water and cement it creates a mortar perfect for bricklaying. Our play sand is perfect for domestic use and sport use. It is non toxic which is perfect for children. Kiln Dried sand is a clean, dry and fine aggregate. It is perfect for brushing into joints of paving. This aids movement and helps drainage. Our Weed free paving sand is perfect for preventing weeds for a long-lasting time. This sand is perfect for patios, paving and pathways.

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