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Corner Toilets

Sometimes, when space is at a premium, you need to get creative, and you can't get more creative than installing Corner Toilets, specifically designed to fit in a corner to make maximum possible use of the available space.

Our Range

Are you in the situation where installing one of our range of Corner Toilets is the only possible way to get the bathroom furniture to fit in a way that still works on a practical level? If yes, be thankful that among the Corner Toilets UK range are some attractive, elegant and beautiful designs that are also practical and useful.

With RAK, Premier and Ideal all producing Corner Toilets which are close coupled to minimise space requirements and which have a triangular shaped cistern angled to fit neatly into the corner of a room while still allowing the toilet to be used in some comfort. All our corner toilet range use a push button flush as an additional space saver and the cleverly designed Ideal Standard Concept Space close coupled toilet pan and cistern offers buyers a choice of a cistern and a choice of toilet seat.

Making a Choice

Clearly, such a specialist item is not going to have a limitless selection, so most designers and manufacturers of Corner Toilets have gone for a simple, straightforward and unfussy designs which will fit in well with the whole space saving concept. Mainly produced in white, easy clean, minimum maintenance and long-lasting materials, the available Corner Toilets Online are elegant, easy on the eye and more about practical space saving, rather than trying to make a design statement. Pair your corner toilet with a corner sink to help create a together piece bathroom design. 

One factor that buyers wanting to utilise the space-saving design of Corner Toilets may wish to consider is that it is now possible to purchase sink units specifically designed to fit into a corner. This may offer the opportunity to have a standard toilet design if the sink fits neatly into the corner, or small bathrooms with sloping ceilings could have a corner WC and a corner sink.

With new homes being built to ever smaller dimensions and space being at an increasingly valuable premium, it was inevitable that today's brilliant designers would come up with the concept of Corner Toilets to create the possibility of fashioning a usable bathroom from the smallest possible available space. Corner toilets fit in with our Modern Toilets range. This range includes Toilet Cisterns and Close Coupled toilets along with other styles to help create a modern bathroom. 

Does a Corner Toilet save space?

Corner toilets are perfect for fitting into corners, hence the name, and they inadvertently save space this way. A corner toilet is ideal for helping design the perfect bathroom.

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