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Brick and Metro Kitchen Tiles


Explore our range of Brick & Metro Kitchen Tiles from British Ceramic Tile, Laura Ashley & V&A

When designing your kitchen, Brick Kitchen Tiles can be a great option to consider. On their own, Brick Kitchen Tiles are usually rectangular bricks which can be placed horizontally or vertically to create amazing patterns out of Brick Wall Tiles.

Brick & Metro tiles for your kitchen

Brick Kitchen Tiles are most commonly of a gloss / bevelled finish and texture. Both Brick Kitchen Tiles and the Metro Wall Tiles can create stunning features in any kitchen, but when combined together, Brick Kitchen Tiles and Metro Kitchen Tiles give a chic, modern feel to any kitchen. Although Metro Brick Tiles in themselves have a retro feel, incorporating Metro Brick Tiles into any kitchen design means that the Metro Kitchen Tiles work well in both traditional and modern settings.

Choosing your Brick & Metro kitchen tiles

Our vast range of Brick Kitchen Tiles and Metro Kitchen Tiles only adds to the stress of designing your very own Metro Kitchen Tiles wall, as the opportunities really are endless. Firstly you should decide on the colours for your Brick Kitchen Tiles- there is the option to have all of your Brick Kitchen Tiles be the same colour, or varying the colours of Brick Kitchen Tiles.

Secondly, you may desire to incorporate Metro Brick Tiles as well as normal Brick Kitchen Tiles into the wall, the added Metro Wall Tiles boast of understated style and elegance. Lastly, key to consider is the pattern for your tile laying, as your Brick Kitchen Tiles and Metro Kitchen Tiles can be arranged in an infinite number of ways, from linear, brick bond or diamond just to name a few ideas, and mixing up all of the above means that you will have a lot to review before installing your own Metro Wall Tiles, which is why we have plenty of Metro Kitchen Tiles to browse through on our website.

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