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Explore our insulation from industry leaders Celotex.

Celotex insulation are one of the leading suppliers of insulation board in the UK.

With a history spanning over 90 years Celotex are regarded as one of the premium suppliers in the UK. The Celotex insulation board ranges from general purpose PIR insulation boards for walls, floors and roofs to thermal laminate insulation boards to help you meet modern building regulations.

With a vast range of sizes and product application whatever your building project Celotex have a solution.

Some fundamental benefits of using Celotex insulation board concrete slab flooring is the simple installation procedure, because the thickness and size of the boards let them fit in nearly every space, they give great dimensional stability and decrease the possibility of thermal bridging at floor borders.

Celotex insulation can provide lots of products with identical densities but distinct indices in an effort to attain optimal end use functionality. Celotex products need to be set up in compliance with directions issued by Celotex insulation Limited. Give a soffit or ceiling below the joists, since the face of the item isn't designed to act as a decorative internal finish. Celotex insulation have profited from our exceptional service and affordable rates for more than 12 decades. We even offer you afitting support.

The floor joists should be suitably set up with diagonal or strong strut bracing, if needed. When employing a single-ply membrane, added 12mm plywood must be implemented in addition to the Celotex insulation FI5000. This construction is called a ventilated structure. This can be called an unventilated construction. You're not confined to our regular layouts in any way and in case you've got something in mind please don't be afraid to ask us and we'll be very happy to provide assist! Celotex insulation have constructed an informational kit along with all the details you may want to know on the matter. Whether you are looking for Celotex insulation board 100mm, 50mm or 75mm we have everything in stock.

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