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Celotex Insulation

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  1. Image for Celotex TB4000 Insulation Board
    Celotex TB4000 Insulation Board
    As low as £14.17 Inc. VAT
  2. Image for Celotex GA4000 Insulation Board
    Celotex GA4000 Insulation Board
    As low as £23.20 Inc. VAT
  3. Image for Celotex XR4000 Insulation Pitched Roof Board
    Celotex XR4000 Insulation Pitched Roof Board
    As low as £46.40 Inc. VAT
  4. Celotex PL4000 Thermal Laminate Insulation Board
    Celotex PL4000 Thermal Laminate Insulation Board
    As low as £45.16 Inc. VAT
  5. Image for Celotex CW4000 Cavity Wall Insulation Board
    Celotex CW4000 Cavity Wall Insulation Board
    As low as £60.37 Inc. VAT
  6. Image for Celotex Insulation Clips 100 Pack
    Celotex Insulation Clips 100 Pack
  7. Image for Celotex Rafter Insulation Clips
    Celotex Rafter Insulation Clips
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Explore our insulation from industry leaders Celotex. Celotex insulation is one of the leading suppliers of board in the UK.

Who are Celotex?

They began trading in the UK in 1925, with a history spanning over 90 years they are regarded as one of the premium suppliers in the UK. During this history, They have stood strong with demand for insulation was unsually high. The rebuilding of the UK's towns and cities after the second world war gave them an opportunity to provide the UK's homes with quality insulation when it needed it most. Sustainability and Innovation are at the heart of Celotex as a business, and they proves this with their mission statement and product range.

Better insulation can not only keep the UK's homeowners warm and cosy, but it can reduce the time needed to heat your home reducing not only your carbon footprint but your energy bill as well. Since most heat is lost through a solid wall, their wall insulation is the answer, their high-performance wall insulation continues to prove itself as one of the most cost-effective ways to tackle climate change and the energy bill.

They is very conscious about the amount of waste they produce and make conscious efforts to reduce their waste. Their process begins with monitoring all of their waste output, which includes stretch wrap, chipboard, cardboard and plastic all of which are either reused or recycled. In addition to being an environmentally conscious organisation. Every year a different charity is chosen by the staff, and ambitious yet achievable goals are set. More recently they have worked closely with Eden-Rose Coppice Trust who bring communities together that would otherwise be disconnected and seperate. Their passion for its local community, as well as its vision for the global community, prove that it is invested in the wellbeing of everyone.


The Celotex board ranges from general purpose PIR boards for walls, floors and roofs to thermal laminate boards to help you meet modern building regulations. Some fundamental benefits of using Celotex board concrete slab flooring is the simple installation procedure because the thickness and size of the boards let them fit in nearly every space, they give great dimensional stability and decrease the possibility of thermal bridging at floor borders.

The floor joists should be suitably set up with diagonal or strong strut bracing if needed. When employing a single-ply membrane, added 12mm plywood must be implemented in addition to the Celotex FI5000. This construction is called a ventilated structure. This can be called an unventilated construction. You're not confined to our regular layouts in any way and in case you've got something in mind please don't be afraid to ask us and we'll be very happy to provide assist! Celotex have constructed an informational kit along with all the details you may want to know on the matter. Whether you are looking for Celotex board 100mm, 50mm or 75mm we have everything in stock.

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