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Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan started over 50 years ago and are global leaders in high performance insulation. Kingspans aim is to create energy efficient buildings.

Which Kingspan Insulation

Choosing your Kingspan Insulation does not need to be difficult. Kingspan manufacture Insulation which suits all shapes and sizes. Kingspans variety of size and shape make them ideal to use as they offer a product for every type of room. Naturally choosing your Kingspan Insulation depends on the room you are installing it in and the size you need. Kingspan often vary in material, cost-effectiveness, thermal performance, sustainability and available thickness. Look through our descriptions belowe to see what is the most suitable product for you!

Kingspan Insulation are one of the leading suppliers of premium performance insulation in the UK.

Building Supplies Online has a great range of insulation boards from Kingspan to help ensure when deciding to insulate your walls we can provide you with the perfect Cavity Wall insulation product. Below are some examples from our Kingspan insulation range that we stock at Building Supplies Online but please take a look at our other products in our Insulation section for anything else you may require.

Providing Insulation solutions to any floor (Thermafloor), wall (Thermawall) or roof space (Thermaroof) so there is a Kingspan Insulated Panel for your required space. These Kingspan Insulation panels prevent heat loss, work as a barrier to rain, moisture controlling so prevents condensation, prevents mould growth and protects the original wall cavity. For roofing projects, the Kingspan Thermaroof Insulation Panels provide 15% increased warmth. Kingspan Insulation Panels are available in various insulation thicknesses, widths, lengths and thermal conductivity.

Kingspan Insulation provide insulation for any building requirement you may have. Whether you have a domestic or a commercial project, Kingspan Insulation have products to fulfil any need. Building Supplies Online also offer the Kingspan Kooltherm panels of which are an excellent combination of plasterboard and insulation.

When the Kingspan Insulation panels are also used with the Kingspan Thermabate, together they ensure the top possible insulation result. Kingspan Thermabate maintains a continuous insulated cavity around window and door openings so no heat escapes through this way. Kingspan Kooltherm K15 Rainscreen Boards are designed for installing behind rainscreen cladding increasing protection again rain and moisture in vulnerable spaces.

With 50 years of research and trading history you know you can buy with confidence when purchasing Kingspan Insulation products. Delivery availability of Kingspan insulation and Kooltherm are second to none. You can be sure that when you order one of these products you will get the very best insulation materials available on the market

All Kingspan Insulation Panels are easy to handle and install and available in various sizes. If you do have any questions at all regarding the Kingspan Insulation range please don't hesitate to give us a call or join us on live chat where we will be of course happy to help.

Kingspan Thermabate Cavity Wall Closers
The Kingspan insulation cavity closer provides a simple and efficient method of closing cavities around openings in masonry walls. The Kingspan insulating foam core prevents thermal bridging, while the Kingspan Cavity PVC-U box section forms a positive damp proof barrier and key for the direct application of plaster. It effectively prevents pattern staining, mould growth and condensation frequently associated with traditional methods of closing cavities.

The Kingspan TF70 Thermafloor insulation board is great for suspended ground floor buildings and can also be used with concrete floors. The Kingspan TF70 is 2.4m x 1.2m also know as an 8 foot by 4-foot board. The Kingspan TF70 hs a foil facing on both sides of the insulation board, known as a PIR insulation. The density of the Kingspan TF70 is 32kg/m³

Kingspan Cavity Wall Insulation Boards Thermawall TW50
The Kingspan TW50 partial fill cavity wall application provides the most effective barrier to rain penetration by allowing the traditional wall cavity to be maintained. This Kingspan insulation is fixed to the inner leaf of the wall construction, maintaining a clear cavity which avoids the problems associated with full cavity fill.

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