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Electric Roof Window Range

VELUX Integra Roof Windows is an innovative system that is available through mains power and solar power. The system offers intelligent features, such as rain sensors and pre-defined ventilation programs.

We have a variety of windows that have the capability to be operated electronically via a remote.

Why choose Electric Roof Windows?

These products were designed to make life easier and to maximise how effectively your windows work for you. As well as the ability to create programmes, it also eradicates the problem caused by out of reach areas.

These innovative electric roof windows allow you to open and close your windows with ease, and are a hassle free option if access to them is limited or when a building has high ceilings. Our electric velux windowsenable you to reach every window in the house with the click of a button.

Bringing the outside light inside really adds a feeling of extra space in your home. We also believe that this additional circulation of air in your property will benefit your wellbeing too. This is all possible thanks to our wide range of electric opening roof windows.

Electric flat roof windows are an incredibly energy efficient and economical option for your home interior as they naturally flood your property with daylight, meaning you won’t need to constantly switch on lights as often.

Our Range

At BSO we stock only the best brand electric roof windows for affordable prices. Our electric windows start from a reasonable £445.61.

Electric roof windowsour customers love include the VELUX White Painted INTEGRA GGL MK04 207021U Electric Laminated Roof Window 78x98cm as well as the Velux Integra GGU 007021U MK04 Centre Pivot Electric Window 78 x 98.

If you would like additional information regarding our range of electric roof windows do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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