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Corner Baths

Corner Bath


Explore our range of Corner Baths from well known bathroom brands including Hudson Reed, Premier and Aquamist.

An alternative to a whirlpool bath, corner  baths are a spa like bathtub that fit in the corner of a bathroom and feature a curved edge.

Installing a corner  bath into your bathroom can transform a dull bathroom into a relaxing and luxurious space. We offer a range of contemporary corner baths from brands including Vitra, Premier and Aquamist. Corner baths are not only luxurious, but they are also a space saving option, even though the corner bath takes up more overall floor space than a straight bath due to their shape they actually work better in a smaller room, making them a perfect space solution for en-suites.

There are two main types of corner bath to choose from, the most popular type being where the two straight sides are equal in length with the curve coming around the front. The other type is an offset  corner  bath, which is where one side is longer than the other, ideal if you want the luxury of a corner bath but don’t have the correct wall space. This design of corner bath also incorporates more bathing space than a standard corner bath.

Most corner baths are spacious enough for two bathers. All our corner baths have the option to add a shower over the top of them. When choosing taps for your corner bath, it’s a good idea to go for a style that complements your bathroom, crosshead taps are great for traditional bathrooms whilst modern mixers are great for contemporary bathrooms. With corner baths fitting directly against the wall you have the option of wall mounted or deck mounted taps.

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