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Kitchen Floor Tiles

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Explore our range of Kitchen Floor Tiles from brands including V&A, Laura Ashley & British Ceramic Tile. We have a fantastic range of Kitchen Floor Tiles.

Our Kitchen Floor Tiles

A variety of colors, styles, and finishes are available in our vast range of Kitchen Floor Tiles. Laura Ashley and British Ceramic Tiles are our two main suppliers for Kitchen Floor Tiles. These two manufacturers have been producing tiles for years. Their consistency in quality and durability has made them the brands they are today. Ted Baker, V&A, RAK Ceramics, and Verona also supply us with a substantial amount of our Kitchen Floor Tiles Range. BCT (British Ceramic Tiles) is the largest distributor of tiles in the UK.

Along with this Kitchen Floor Tiles make up a large number of their products. Focusing on design and innovation, BCT put an increasing amount of time into each of their ranges. We have specifically chosen some of BCT's most popular Kitchen Floor Tiles to offer the best range possible. Kitchen Floor Tiles can be the finishing touches made to your kitchen to make it the masterpiece you want it to be. Some of our Kitchen Floor Tiles offer a natural oak or stone look. These Kitchen Floor Tiles are ideal for rustic designs, bringing a natural ambiance to your kitchen.

Our Ted Baker Kitchen Floor Tiles offer more abstract designs, with various shapes patterned on them at random. These Kitchen Floor Tiles are ideal for unique designs.

We sell a full range of kitchen floor tile for delivery throughout the UK. The kitchen is typically the heart of every home, therefore, it is important for your kitchen floor tiles to be suitable to your lifestyle. Kitchen floor tiles offer an extensive range of options, as well as the opportunity to experiment with your style!

The choices are endless, from wood, marble, stone to slate. You can create both warm and cool interiors using tiles, perfect for rustic and contemporary designs. The most popular kitchen floor tile colours are grey, white and slate. This will depend on the type of home you have and your environment.

You want your kitchen floor tiles to be hard wearing and at the same time look good. The size of kitchen floor tiles can also vary. Smaller tiles can be time-consuming to lay and require many more cuts. Larger tiles can be easier to lay but sometimes are more expensive to buy.

How do I choose my Kitchen Floor Tiles?

Choose by tile colour, tile dimensions, tile finish, tile material or tile brand. Kitchen floor tiles finish options include matt tiles, gloss tiles, satin tiles, lappato tiles and rustic tiles. We can offer you a broad range of tile brands such as:

  • Laura Ashley
  • V&A
  • British Ceramic
  • Ted Baker
  • Studio Conran
  • RAK Ceramics

You can select from ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and natural stone tiles. Colour palette options for our kitchen floor tiles include:

  • Greys
  • Whites
  • Creams
  • Blues
  • Blacks
  • Greens
  • Beiges
  • Purples
  • Browns
  • Oranges
  • Off-whites

Kitchen Tile Ideas

We believe that beautiful kitchen floor tiles can completely transform the heart of the home, your kitchen interior. Kitchen floor tiles can add a striking or subtle finishing touch to the scheme of your kitchen. Browse through our catalogue of kitchen floor tiles online for some great inspiration for your next design project. 

Kitchen Floor Tiles Samples

We know that interior design decisions can be fraught with indecision. We understand your need to see and feel our kitchen floor tiles. This is so you can appreciate the high level of quality and craftsmanship that goes into them. Therefore before making a purchase, you can order a sample. This is so you can truly envisage their true design potential in your home.

We strongly recommend that you order 10% more than you require to account for cuts and breakages when tiling your wall.

Should you have any questions regarding our kitchen floor tiles or would like any other additional information on our extensive product range, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

How To Lay Kitchen Floor Tiles?

Start from middle of room, work outwards to each corner. Leave exit to room last so you don't walk on freshly laid Kitchen Floor tiles. Alternatively, leave half to dry before starting second half. Spread adhesive over floor and lay Kitchen Floor tiles using plastic tile spacers. Use spirit level to check tiles are level. Cut tiles to complete edges.

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