8 Inspiring Log Cabin Ideas

Log cabins are becoming an increasingly popular addition to gardens everywhere. With attractive designs available, and the endless possibilities for their use, it is easy to see why their popularity is soaring.

Posted on 5th June 2019, 4 minute read

Adding a log cabin to your garden is a simple way to add to your available space, without the stress and disruption of building an extension. A log cabin is not only a handy way to add space; it is likely to add value to your house in the future, should you decide to move.

With so many garden room designs available, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a log cabin that’s perfect for your garden.

Your log cabin will provide you with a multi-purpose structure which you can use in so many different ways, whether it’s for work, rest or play. Below is a list of great garden room ideas available for you to change your garden forever.

Create a Home Gym

Love the idea of having a home gym, but just don’t have the available space in your house? This is where a log cabin comes in handy. Pursue your fitness goals in privacy and keep your home free from the clutter of exercise equipment by creating a home gym in your log cabin.

A gym in your garden is the perfect way to make it easier for you to exercise when you want to; meaning no more queueing for the equipment, and no more paying monthly membership fees.

Forest Melbury Log Cabin - 13ft x 10ft


Create a Home Office

As the number of people working from home continually rises, the need for practical at-home office space grows too. A log cabin is a perfect solution for anyone in need of a workspace at home. What could be better than swapping your daily commute for a stroll out the back door and into the garden!

Our next idea for your log cabin is in fact a garden office idea! Style it how you wish. From a peaceful Zen like office, to an abstract colour filled office. The log cabin is your canvas. Your log cabin will provide you with a space to work in comfort, free from distractions, enabling you to increase your productivity, as well as saving the time and money usually spent travelling to and from the office.

Create an Outdoor Spa

Do you need some extra space to relax at the end of the day? Create your very own tranquil hideaway in your garden with a log cabin spa. Your at-home retreat could feature a sauna or steam room, and don’t forget to include a massage couch for some extra pampering.

Use a relaxing colour scheme to promote a feeling of wellbeing, and add some calming fragrance, fluffy towels and soothing music, and you will be ready to relax.

Create a Yoga Retreat

Yoga is widely recognised as being an excellent way to bring calm and focus to the mind and gently exercise the body. Finding space indoors that allows you the room to roll out your mat, and comfortably stretch without having to rearrange the furniture can be tricky.

Finding somewhere free from distraction and noise can also be a challenge at home, so creating a space where you can move freely, without distractions is always welcome.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or are just starting on your yoga journey, having a dedicated space by creating a log cabin yoga studio to practise yoga in is sure to enhance your experience.

Create an Outdoor Bar

With your own bar in your back garden, you are sure to be the envy of all your friends! Make your outdoor space the ultimate place for entertaining by transforming a log cabin into a bar. Come rain or shine you will have a usable covered area to enjoy a drink or two, which is perfect for both a quiet after work drink and parties. You can add your own twist to your bar or search for some inspiring garden bar ideas to help make it the dream outdoor space you are looking for.

Create a Charming Norwegian-Style Hideaway

With crisp, fresh white walls, your Norwegian-esque hideaway will be the perfect place to chill out on weekends. Keep to a simple colour scheme for that essential uncluttered, tranquil feel, and then add some texture for comfort.

A Norwegian inspired interior for your log cabin will provide you will a calming yet cosy sanctuary, where you can lose yourself in a book while snuggled under a chunky knit throw - bliss!

Forest Wenlock Log Cabin - 10ft x 10ft


Create an Art Studio

Where better to get your creative juices flowing than in the comfort of your back garden within your very own log cabin art studio? Here you can let your creativity express itself away from distractions, and surrounded by the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

Creating your art studio in your cabin will mean you can configure it however you like, with plenty of space for your easel and storing your art materials too.

Create an Urban Games Room

Make your back garden fun central by creating a log cabin urban games room. Go as retro as you dare with arcade machines and air hockey, or keep it modern with games consoles and virtual reality. Whichever theme you go for, you can be sure that this is one place that everyone in the family will want to spend their free time.