How to Break Up an Open Space with Room Dividers

Using room dividers can make a huge difference to large, open plan rooms. Many houses have a large open plan lounge/diner or kitchen/diner. The use of room dividers can separate these up into two good sized rooms.

Room dividers are basically a set of doors and partitions that can be fitted permanently across the middle of any large room space, but they can be opened and closed as required. Many sizes of dividers are available, so there will be a set to fit any space.

Room dividers have folding or sliding doors so that when needed the doors can be opened out to recreate the larger room. The ease of opening and closing the doors and partitions makes for quick and simple changes to the room size as you need it.

Providing each end of the original large room has its own window or natural light source, each room will still be bright and welcoming. Room dividers are made with glazed window panels if required, which can help add brightness and light in each room. Fully or partly glazed doors are useful if you need to keep an eye on the occupants of the other room, maybe your youngsters doing homework at the dining table?

If privacy or avoiding distraction from the other room is more important you will find room dividers with complete wooden doors and partitions that will separate each room completely.  Room dividers are made from lots of different coloured woods to blend and compliment the decor of your home, or as an unpainted type so you can paint, stain or varnish to your own taste or match existing paintwork or furniture. There are different styles of dividers so you will find stylish ones for more modern homes and more classic styles for older properties.





Room dividers are available to be fitted with top and bottom tracks which are more robust or just top tracks which are still sturdy but don't pose any trip hazard and the fittings are a lot less obvious when the doors are folded back.

This divided room set up can be really useful for any busy household. Imagine being able to sit quietly at your dining table to work, whilst the rest of the family watch the television in the next room. If you need a home office to work from you could use room dividers to create a workspace at one end of a larger room, making it entirely separate to allow a peaceful working environment.

Dividing a kitchen/diner enables your dining room to be separated from all the noise, steam and cooking aromas from the kitchen and its appliances. This will add to the ambience of dinner parties and will be more peaceful for family meals, it also stops cooking smells from reaching the rest of the house too.

Being able to re-open the dividers to create a larger space really comes into its own for family get-togethers ie Christmas time or family parties, then the extra space is really useful. Room dividers also help you to create a better layout within each newly created room space. This is due to the fact that with a large room you can really only put your furniture against each wall. By creating a new "wall" with room dividers, this means you can position furniture against it and create a whole new layout.

Obviously, if you are going to be moving the furniture regularly to open the dividers, then choose furniture that is easily moved, maybe on castors. Using this sort of idea to plan your rooms, your room dividers give you so much flexibility and versatility.

Room dividers can also be used in other areas. Maybe you have an open plan hallway that leads directly into your lounge? Then you may be able to create a separate hallway and lounge area, shutting off the lounge from draughts from the front door. In fact, using room dividers can help reduce your heating bills as you may be able to heat just the part of the room you are using and not the whole space.

Another use for room dividers is to use them in a large bedroom to create a lovely large walk-in wardrobe or even a dressing room area. Behind the dividers, you could have shelves and hanging rails to house all your clothes, shoes and accessories, leaving your bedroom tidy and uncluttered as everything can be closed away. You could even use room dividers to create an ensuite bathroom in a large bedroom, this is a lot easier, less disruptive and more economical than building a stud wall and separate door, whilst still ensuring total privacy.

Room dividers can also be used in a large studio flat to divide the living and kitchen space from the bedroom area, the dividers can then be opened and closed as needed. By using the dividers in this way you can add valuable privacy to the room, without losing any space.