Room Dividers

Room Dividers are a great alternative if your looking to transform your home and interior, they give you the perfect option of expanding or enclosing spaces to suit your needs.

Room dividers are a great way to rejuvenate your home and interior. They give you the perfect option of expanding or enclosing spaces to suit your specifications.

Room dividers are sets of doors that can be fitted in the middle of a large room to make two separate rooms. The doors of room dividers can be fully or partly glazed to allow light to filter between the two areas, keeping everywhere bright. Room dividers are also made from solid wood, which would be fine for a large room with windows either end, so each section is bright enough.

Room dividers can transform larger or walk through rooms in your house. Maybe you have a kitchen/diner? You could use room dividers to separate the two sections, especially if it is a large room. This way any cooking smells and noises from your washing machine is kept away from the dining area for peaceful meals and even somewhere to sit at your laptop computer and work in comfort.

Equally a lounge/diner could be separated into two rooms, this is useful as you may not need the full space apart from busy family times like Christmas so you can then open up the room dividers and have a large family room again. Used in this way, room dividers may help lower heating costs as you may only need to heat the part of the room you are using.

Room dividers can also be used to separate an open plan hallway and lounge area, making the lounge cosier and more relaxing being divided from the front door and stairs.

What are Room Dividers?

Room Dividers give you the option to turn one room into two, which is great if you would like a bit more privacy or simply create another living space. Our Room Dividers are available in popular designs the match all our single door options.

If you'd like to separate a room but would still like to create light within your home we offer a range of room dividers with glass panels. This makes rooms appear much larger whilst having two separate spaces.

Room divider doors act as a screen as well as allowing sunlight to flood into and cascade through your home.

If you have a living or business space that would benefit from partitioning, why not consider the installation of a beautiful room divider? This will effectively turn one room into two.

Room dividers are an attractive and fashionable feature to enhance the look of your home or business space. They offer style and practicality by adding privacy, lessening noise and food odour ingress from joining areas. They also consolidate room temperature.

Room dividers also act as design component that can completely rejuvenate the look of your interior. The simple addition of room dividers give you flexibility over the layout of your living space. They are installations that become a key decorative feature in your home. They are guaranteed to enhance the look of your decor whilst offering a wealth of practical solutions.

Furnishing rooms and spaces in your home that have larger footprint can sometimes be tricky. With the temptation to position furniture and fittings against the four walls. Room dividers effectively give you a new wall against which you can arrange you furnishings. This allows for a more pleasing aesthetic without to need to push your sofas, chairs and other furniture back against the existing walls.

Room dividers also actively insulate by trapping heat within the partitioned area. This can mitigate against the need to heat a larger room or business space resulting in a reduction of energy use and its associated costs.

Adding room dividers in a larger kitchen can prevent cooking smells from permeating through the house.

We have a breadth of attractive and high quality room dividers doors within our collection. Each designed to enhance and complement your existing scheme. Whether your interior is traditional or contemporary. Our room dividers are partially or almost fully glazed. This is so you can maintain privacy without losing valuable daylight. We offer a choice of obscure or clear glass inset into the doors in a wide range of styles.

We are confident we can provide you with the perfect room divider for your needs as we offer room dividers in a variety of styles including;

  • Sleek white
  • Oak
  • Walnut

Room dividers are made in several size fittings to fit any size room opening. They can be sliding doors, folding doors or doors that have sections you can undo to open up the room. Room dividers are available in many natural wood tones and also unpainted so you can match existing doors or your decor with your choice of wood stain, varnish or paint.

What are the Benefits of Room Dividers?

Bigger rooms and spaces in your home are often plagued with inefficient use of the space since you cannot put cabinets in the centre of a room.

Room dividers are a great way to combat this. Not only creating a barrier between two rooms but also allowing more walls to be used and filled with furniture and wall art.

Room Dividers also trap heat and light in each room, heating larger rooms is renowned to be a long and costly process, and room dividers counter this. Additionally, consider adding room dividers into your large kitchen space. This will cut your kitchen off from your dining room and the rest of the house can prevent unpleasant smells filtering throughout the house.

What is a rebated door pair room dividers?

A rebated door pair is a pair of solid double doors that have a naturally fixed lip on the long side where they come together. This is usually called a ‘rebated meeting stile’. This gives the door pairs more of a flush and solid appearance.

All rebated door pairs or room dividers use clear glass doors that allow light to flow freely through the room. This makes them appear brighter and bigger. The rebated room dividers door option is still in high demand. This is due to its more natural appearance, hassle-free system. It's available in a choice of popular designs such as the Manhattan and the XL Joinery Shaker Internal Oak Rebated Door Pair.

How to Choose your Room Dividers?

Our extensive room dividers doors selection offers a great array of different options to choose from. Room dividers can bring that adaptability to a property that is not always possible by merely using walls to separate rooms.

A common misunderstanding for open plan living is that it only works in modern or contemporary home settings. Actually, it can be easily achieved in traditional homes. This can be achieved by simply selecting the right style of doors to complement your existing interior décor, style and accents. Our room divider doors can slide open with ease, allowing you to create the perfect living space.

At Building Supplies Online we pride ourselves on our consistent attention to detail. We provide folding room dividers to hundreds of homes, delivered across the UK. When planning your door installation, take a look at our guide on standard door sizes to make sure you are ordering the correct room divider doors. If you would like more information regarding our range of room divider doors do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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