How to Felt a Shed Roof

Fitting new shed felt onto a roof does not have to be an impossible task. Following these quick & simple steps you can revamp your shed with low cost and low stress.

What Will I Need?

  • Felt Adhesive
  • Roofing Felt
  • Hammer
  • Paint Brush
  • Tape Measure
  • Craft Knife
  • Felt & Wood Nails
  • (Optional) Large Flattened Spade

Getting Started

Removing Old Felt

Firstly, you must remove the barge boards around the roof edge and put them to one side. Next, using a hammer, remove the nails holding down the old shed felt. Then, double check to make sure any missed stuck-out nails are removed. If the felt has been heat bonded, use the spade to scrape away any lifts and gaps to first start the removing process.

TIP: Before removing old felt, ensure that the existing roof structure is stable enough to withstand removal and replacing of the felt to avoid damage.

Measuring New Felt

Before any installation, you must measure the right amount of felt to use. First, pull the shed felt tight so that it lies out flat. Then, measure out enough to cover the entire roof as well as extra overlap on the edge (5cm) and gable ends (7.5cm). You will have three pieces of felt for the roof; one piece on each roof side and the third to overlap the side panels, leaving a 30cm overlap space.

TIP: Number of pieces could vary depending on a variable size roof so don’t worry if three won’t fit.

Applying New Felt

After cutting the right sized felt pieces, nail them down, placing nails at 10cm intervals. When nailing along the roof’s bottom edge, make sure you nail at 30cm intervals instead of 10. After securing the side panels, add the top ridge section and fix using felt adhesive. Apply this using the paint brush and nail the lower edge using 5cm intervals.

TIP: Make sure you pull the shed felt tight so that it lies flat along the roof.

Tidying the Corners

Then, at each corner of the roof, fold down the felt and nail down. Next, using the craft knife, cut a slit in the overhang of the felt at the apex of the roof. Following this, fold the felt down in this part of the roof and secure, fixing nails at 10cm intervals. After nailing everything down securely, refix the boards to maintain tidiness and hide folded shed felt. Using wood nails, secure in place and trim off any existing felt still left over.

Looking for What to Use?

If you want to revamp your shed but are struggling in where to find the essentials you need to do so, we can help. Why not take a look on our website at the extensive range of shed felt and accessories we supply to get your shed transformed in no time.