How to Fit a VELUX Blind

Roof Windows offer stunning views of the surrounding nature and sky. While roof windows are wonderful for letting in light and air, a downside to this is a loss of privacy, bright sunshine or heat especially when you are trying to rest.

Posted on 22nd July 2019, 3 minute read

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There is also a loss of heat and energy in the cooler months. VELUX Window Blinds add the perfect finishing touch to your living space and can have many benefits. Window blinds, unlike curtains, also provide you with greater control for light you would like, and the privacy you would like in your rooms.

A blind can also be open or shut to the precise place you want. It is very easy to use, and many are operated either manually or electronically. Window blinds come in a range of colours, patterns, and styles. They are the perfect covering for many windows.

There are several different types of blinds to choose from, such as blackout blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds, mini blinds and cordless blinds which are great for homes with pets and young children.

So whether you are looking to liven up a room, increase your privacy, reduce the sunlight, or blackout a room there is a Velux blind that would be best suited for your needs.

Our Range of VELUX Blinds

VELUX blinds offer a great array of contemporary and comprehensive high-quality blinds that would suit the needs of any room. VELUX Blinds are made from layered Oeko-Tex, which is designed to be a light and durable, dirt repellent material.

It is paired with an aluminium back coating that provides heat resistance in the summer, and heat retention in the winter. Our range has many options, whether you are looking for a themed print that would liven up a room or one that matches your child’s room style.

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, a VELUX Venetian blind or a pleated blind would add a touch of elegance to your room. If you have a window that needs a little dimming or one that requires an insect screen, we have blinds with added functionality that would suit your needs.

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For example, a VELUX blind is fitted in such a way that you can access and open or close the window while keeping the blind fully closed. All VELUX blinds have an ergonomic control bar that allows you to open the blind from any angle which opens it very smoothly and evenly.

VELUX Blinds are also easy to clean and easy to install and come with a guarantee. They are also supplied in different shapes and sizes so that they can fit in many different types of VELUX roof windows.

Ease of Fitting a VELUX Blind

VELUX Blinds can be used on many different types of roof windows. However, it is important to note that these blinds are manufactured specifically for VELUX windows and are designed with the unique VELUX Pick & Click!™ mounting system.

These windows are fitted with the brackets already, and the VELUX blinds are made to measure. When installing they just click into the brackets already in place. If you are looking for easy installation and a low maintenance option, then VELUX blinds are the way to go. Replacing the blind should not take very long either.

To use your VELUX blinds, you have a range of operational methods to choose from, and these are:

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  • Manual
  • Solar
  • Electrical

Manual VELUX blinds use a glide rail system with an ergonomically shaped handle. A Solar-Powered blind has an integrated solar cell allowing it to easily open and close.

All the VELUX Blinds we carry can also be controlled by remote from anywhere in the house. VELUX Blinds are great looking blinds that are rigorously tested to ensure that you have a product that is built to last.

All VELUX products are made for a lifetime of wear-resistant performance, and many of our products are specifically treated to repel dust and dirt. We also test the operating mechanism during manufacturing to check that the operation of your blind always remains smooth and easy to use.

Our blackout blinds are further tested by exposure to thousands of watts to ensure they do block out light.

Window blinds are a preferred option as it allows you to effortlessly add a finishing touch to a room at an affordable price. A well-chosen blind can completely transform the appearance and atmosphere of a room.

It improves the visual appeal, increases your privacy, and reduces power bills by retaining heat in the winter months. It can also protect you and your things from the heat and harmful UV rays in the summer months. A VELUX blind from our range will add a touch of elegance and style to your home.