Paving your way to a Unique Garden

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We all tend to think of garden paving as a strictly practical, almost boring part of a garden. But by following some of our ideas you will soon be paving your way to a unique garden, as paving can be as interesting and decorative as your imagination will allow. Ideally, you want your garden and patio to be a place to relax and enjoy your free time, may be used for having a barbeque for family and friends.


Once paving is laid it becomes low maintenance and a long lasting project, so choose your materials with this in mind. Stylish paving also adds huge kerb appeal to your property. Using edging as part of your paving scheme helps to prevent the earth from your borders ending up all over the paving and if you use any gravel as part of the paving scheme the edging stops this wandering into the borders too. Coloured edging is becoming a popular way to make your paving stand out and be different or you could edge the paving with low growing plants or herbs for an unusual finish.

Considerations in Planning

Paving is a straightforward way of making hard standing in your garden, so there is somewhere to walk and a place to incorporate seating and outdoor entertaining. When you plan a path or patio there are lots to consider. For example, you need to decide how much foot traffic and use use the area will get, as some materials are stronger than others. Also, it is important to ponder on questions like; do you want your patio in full sun or partial shade? Or which direction will the rainwater run off? Ideally, rainwater run off needs to be running away from the house or any other building, and it shouldn't be running off into your neighbours garden as this could cause problems. You should also consider how much of the garden to change to paving. You may only need a small patio to sit on or prefer most of the garden to be paved for less maintenance.

Paving Materials

Once you have worked out your position for your paving you can decide what materials you might use. It may depend on who is going to use the paving as to what type of paving you choose. It may be that you need a more non-slip rougher textured slab for safety. There are many materials that could be used and one way to create unique paving is to use a combination of materials, maybe using one as edging and a mix of two others for the main pattern. You could use a random mix of paving stones or a repeating pattern to make a stylish design. Slabs like sandstone, slate, granite, limestone and even porcelain all have different features for paving your way to a unique garden.

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Different Types of Paving Slabs

We tend to think of paving as square or rectangle shaped slabs or crazy paving, a throwback from the 1970s and 80s! However, nowadays, there is a fantastic range of different sized and shaped slabs available For example, circular paving kits, which could be used together to pave your way to a unique garden by creating the pattern of a compass or a flower.

If you are feeling artistic you could even design a mosaic as part of your paving plan. This could be done by using different materials like cobbles, glass decorative pieces and coloured stones. All of these could be used to make a unique pattern or picture.

It is worth considering that lighter coloured paving will open up a small space and make it feel larger. Darker toned paving will give a more contemporary, stylish feel to your garden. It can be a good idea to have your paving in a sympathetic scheme to the age and style of your property, as this works well. Also if you are using paving to create footpaths around your garden, don't forget that curved paths work well in any setting as they draw the eye to hidden parts of the garden and add interest.

Incorporating Plants

Another way of making your paving unique is to incorporate planting into it. Maybe by leaving out an odd paving stone and planting the space with a low growing plant. A scented herb like thyme or chamomile that will leave a perfume as it is brushed past or trodden upon bringing the garden onto your patio or path.

You could even incorporate planting boxes around your patio using paving slabs to build them and even a wall with a seating area as part of it is an ideal extra feature, for when you want to sit for a while and enjoy your garden.

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Other Possibilities

Split level patios are another way to add a unique feature to your garden, you could have a higher level next to your house and a lower level below it. This can work well when you need extra space to spread out and you can add lots of planters and tubs for flowers and plants for colour and interest. It may be a good idea to add some trellis or other screening like a pergola to your paved area to make it sheltered and more private especially if your garden is overlooked. You will be able to grow climbing plants up the trellis to add more screening and colour. It can also be a good idea to install a canopy or awning over your patio so that you can use the area whatever the weather. You could also install lighting around your paving and patio so you can make the most of the warm summer evenings. All of these a little aspects that could contribute towards paving your way to a unique garden.